2Heads focus on video. As part of our continued investment into videography, we have re-b…

This is why #G2E is so relevant to the gaming industry.

While half the office are out at Mipcom, NBAA and G2E, our creative team got this space!…

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Sara | Marketing

2Heads Focuses on Video 

We all know that video content now makes up for 80% of internet traffic and is the most powerful medium content for brand messaging, viral advertising and capturing market share. Showcasing video content sits at the heart of our event design and creating social stings for our clients has proven an invaluable addition to their events, their global show-programmes and indeed their brand management. A large proportion of the creative event technology our digital content team is now building, from VR, AR to motion graphic and animation, is powered by quality video.

We at 2Heads have been investing in video content for some years now and have recently partnered with Jist Studios on client socials, vox-pox and case study creds that our clients use to great success. We are also developing our own internal videography department who will be supporting clients with key messaging, content capture and brand reinforcement across the globe.

Well, that’s enough words, we all know a good video speaks louder so please head over to our new rebranded YouTube channel, watch, subscribe and enjoy the films.

2heads Honours

Comic-con San Diego

As SDCC 2019 comes to a close, our creative team at 2heads could not resist creating their own Comic-Con logo. And what could be a more fitting time? Comic-Con San Diego just celebrated its milestone 50th year, having changed rather significantly in number from the 100 people who attended in 1970 at the U.S Grant Hotel. Now the three-day event is the mecca of conventions with over 130,000 attendees across 460,000 square feet and a rigorous schedule of 700+ events. It has a campus effect on San Diego downtown as fans descend to hear the latest announcements on their favourite comics, tv series & films.

There was plenty to talk about too, with trailers for the most anticipated series like Watchmen and Star Trek launched and the new X-Men comic book series announced. The greatest buzz however was generated by the Marvel panel, the largest they have assembled and one of the best received. Part of our client Disney’s giant studio offering, Marvel revealed more than 10 new projects in the works, including a Blade reboot, the return of Doctor Strange and Thor 4, and their new movie Eternals staring Angelina Jolie. Legacy was on everyone’s lips as well as the Terminator - Dark Fate premiered with the same Arnie and Linda Hamilton of the original and Tom Cruise came to wow the skies with his Top Gun sequel Maverick. It’s hard to know which one we want to watch first!


"Meaningful spaces"

 One of the things I love most about working in 2heads is our office space. Our brief for the recent re-design was to accommodate our growing team and their needs, and at the same time add new unique spaces for people to get together. We didn’t want to create silos into which we all disappear but funky collaborative places where people could go, get inspired or inspire others.

One of the most popular places is the big yellow sofa pods, high-backed for privacy and equipped with AV for our team to showcase their work to each other. The war room is also great for bring people together; we even have our own mustang plane wing to use as a table. And there is no forgetting the tuk-tuk, a unique space for our team to have a moment out and let their imagination run wild. Want to visit? Contact our team at

Lands End to John O'Groats 

At 2heads, we believe in making a difference. Not just for our clients but for the community around us.This year, 2heads founder and chairman Pepe Parra is kicking off the charge by donning the lycra and stretching the leg muscles in readiness for his participation in the famous LEJOG cycle ride in May. The classic challenge ride of 1,000 miles will take Pepe all the way from Lands End at the tip of Cornwall, through some of the most scenic areas of the United Kingdom, to the very top of the Scottish mainland.

Finishing the iconic ride in John O’Groats (hence the ‘LEJOG’ title), the challenge is one of both mental strength and physical endurance and in true 2heads community spirit, Pepe will be raising money for three charities close to his heart; the Alzheimer’s Society, Great Ormond’s Street Hospital and the Teenage Cancer Charity.


I joined the ESSA Futures Board because I have a solid passion for the development of young people within our industry. ESSA stands for Event Supplier & Services Association, a trade body that represent the UK’s best suppliers of services to the events industry. ESSA focuses on education, business development and sharing best practice in the drive for excellence, a goal that places ESSA at the heart of the events community.

The purpose of the Futures Focus board is to achieve those goals, with a focus on talent development recruitment, skills training and employee nurturing. All things that I feel very strongly about. I believe the up and coming generation should be mentored by inspiring leaders; companies like 2heads and given the opportunity to identify their strengths and motivations. To positively enable next generation to influence and shape the future of this industry.  Visit ESSA here and take a look at what has already been achieved.

liz | Office manager
Thirsty thursday

Thursday 27th March saw the launch of the first 2Heads ‘Thirsty Thursday’ session. An informal open forum for all the London based office staff to get together and chat, ask questions, discuss current business topics and meet with other colleagues outside of departmental work groups.
The aim was for more than just a meet and mingle event but a genuine chance for everyone to have a voice.

It wouldn’t be a 2Heads event without a few nibbles though and a selection of drinks for all tastes. The inaugural session then kicked off with a mini all-company meeting and a brief synopsis for the meeting format going forward. All in all, a great start with a 100% turn out from staff and everyone looking forward to the next event.

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