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Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Clerkenwell Design Week offers more creative businesses per square mile than anywhere else on the planet, and showcases over 300 exhibiting brands to the 34,000+ attendees. We were not going to miss it!

To celebrate the 9th year of the show, a number of our designers went to see the latest design trends and architecture.

Take a look at their favourite finds from the festival…

A Piece of Sky

An eye-catching, immersive installation that invited attendees and passers-by to experience the design. The experience was said to bring a piece of heaven to earth and put it in the context of London. An amazing thing about this installation was its ability to play with the duality of inside and outside – exactly what the company Sky-Frame, who commissioned it, does. Find out more here.

Project: Net Worth

A great use of design and recycling, Claire Potter Design created Project: Net Worth which creates striking products from fishing nets found in the sea. Not only are they creating desirable items but also taking a step towards recycling waste to clean up our oceans – one door handle at a time. Find out more here.


Continuing the theme of recycling, an installation-meets-workshop organised by Chelsea College of Art caught our attention. This installation/workshop explored the fabric tote bag as an alternative to plastic bags in a creative way. Visitors were encouraged to bring old tote bags along with them and give them a new life by having customised designs created by university students screen-printed onto them.

Mirroring the need for a consumer experience in this generation, designers are creating more and more immersive pieces for audiences of all ages to engage with. It was no surprise that some of the artists used their projects to showcase recycling ability to tackle our pollution problem, global change and community as a whole to reach out to the wide London audience.

Pictures courtesy of Clerkenwell Design Week - www.clerkenwelldesignweek.com