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The 2Heads point of view.

Colour, Collaboration and Curiosity

Inspiring creativity. A taster of what we’re loving this year so far…

Experiencing Colour

Back by popular demand, Colourscape, an immersive colour experience, is returning for its 28th birthday this May in a number of locations across the South. Guests have the opportunity to venture through an enormous labyrinth of colour and light to explore a unique, musical experience.

Collaboration: A feast for the senses

Multi-sensory seem to be everywhere at the moment and we don’t see this stopping over the next 9 months. Brands are appealing to the senses by using directional sound, temperature changes and scents to transport attendees on a more powerful, immersive journey.

If you’re lucky enough to get tickets, SOMNAI is set to be the hot new ticket this spring for immersive theatre experiences.

Driving Curiosity in the Customer

We remember at the same pace as our curiosity grows. Not surprising really. This year we’re seeing experiential designs that activate and engage not by talking about a brand, their products or services but by exploring an authentic experience that ignites some sort of curiosity.

(Picture of The Atrium VR Cinema curtesy of SXSW)

Colour, collaboration and curiosity – experiences are working harder than ever to engage with customers this year and we’re loving it!

Ryan Simpson, 2D Creative Lead