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Take 15: Design, Activation & Experience

It’s been a fast start to 2017 with so much to see and be immersed in already! We take pride in staying at the forefront of design trends, constantly challenging ideas and working with our clients to stand out above the competition. So why not take15 with our coffee break feature looking at the design trends of the year so far…

We’ve noticed a move to earthy environments in the past few months, having living wall features, wooden textures and greenery to complement surroundings. It came as no surprise to us, then, that Pantone chose a shade of green for it’s Colour of 2017 – ‘Greenery’! A great example of design influencing experience was their Pantone café which combined art and event to engage businesses, consumers and press. If you missed the experience check it out here.

A great use of customer engagement was Mozilla’s Open Design last year which encouraged anyone and everyone to suggest designs and ideas for their new rebranding project. It was a huge success with a staggering number of participants engaging with the brand and leading to the new concept for their new brand identity. It’s when brands activate consumers that you can fully understand what the market wants from the business.

Augmented Reality. It seems to be all the rage now and we are loving how Forestry has come together with The Gruffalo to get kids to enjoy the outdoors with their Alice Holt ‘The Gruffalo Trail’ family experience. It’s a great example of technology, experience and social media to activate consumers! Using the hashtag #GruffaloSpotters the explorers can share their experience and show off their AR findings throughout the forest trail!

The final link - we’re really excited to share with you - is this ‘Step into the Page’ video which explores how technology is changing the way we create and tell stories. It’s a great insight into how technology can be embraced to give a new experience to telling a story, feeling an emotion or stepping into your own imagination. From digital environments to 3D animation to today’s virtual or augmented reality, which can enable you to wander freely in art by embracing the experience technology is now providing.

Design, activation and experience – they are working together to better the customer journey and with the growing understanding of collaboration, supported by technology, we can’t wait to see how events change to deliver not just outstanding designs but meaningful experiences!


Ryan Simpson, 2D Creative Lead.