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ICE ISE... Baby

Our Digital_ team have been traveling across Europe in search of the latest and greatest creative technology solutions to support our client experiences.

From ICE Totally Gaming to Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) in Amsterdam - here are some of our favourite finds from this month:


ICE was awash with hi-res LED screen this year which displayed beautiful brand messaging but quickly become very noisy as you walked through the mass of branding - who knew there was a limit to digital design for a digital_ department.

The Playtech Discovery Screens

We created some of the interactive content that populated the centre of the Playtech experience, supporting their event ethos 'Experience is Everything'.


If we thought ICE had a lot of LED, then we had another thing coming at ISE.

The show stands head and shoulders above others with the size and scale of the executions of technology.

We met over 100 new technology suppliers and captured all our favourite offerings to inspire our internal teams, but sharing is caring right? Here's a few of our favourites…


One of 2018's hot B2B techs is HyperVSN a Holographic video display system. They have updated their offering and can now supply a large array of multiple wheels - which look incredible!

Samsung's LED Ceiling & OLED Signage

After a sea of ground stacked and flat LED screen, Samsung's simple piece of content execution on an inverted horizontal ceiling screen really stood out from the crowd.

As did their OLED signage that help their guests around their space whilst also transforming into brand messaging- simplicity and style. Nice.

Interactive Scape Digital Magnifier

This was a very nice mix of software, hardware and art for a very effective and compelling experience. Thumbs up from us.