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The 2Heads point of view.

September Studio Showcase

We’re lucky to have some of the best and brightest experiential Designers, Artworkers, Visualisers and CAD specialists in the business. But before we get lost in our mayhem month of October, we’ve been asking them what gets their creative juices flowing? What makes them stand up and say, “Damn, that’s good”?

Meet our studio heads and their September showcase:

Sasha, Strategy Director

Negative Space

A German supermarket emptied their shelves of foreign-made goods to make a point about racism.

Sometimes adding less is a way more powerful experience for a brand than adding more.

Zac, Senior 3D Designer

Audi Brand Summit 2018

The amazing Sila Sveta created another great show for Audi. It had everything we love: live performance, kinetic lights, 3D mapping and LED drums!

Marco, 3D Designer

Phone Booth

Inspired by natural wonders, Yota Devices Ltd.'s exhibit evoked lambent moonscapes and volcanic rock. Inside the booth space, a rib cage of white panels — punctuated by projected images and embedded product displays — enveloped visitors in otherworldly ambiance.

John, 2D Designer

The London Mastaba by Cristo

This was a temporary sculpture in Hyde Park comprised of horizontally stacked barrels on a floating platform in Serpentine Lake.

It coincided with an exhibition at the Serpentine Galleries of Christo and Jeanne-Claude's work, which included sculptures, drawings, collages and photographs spanning more than 60 years.

Mike E, Creative Visualiser

Green Houses set 2 on Evermotion

The detail in all the textures is what stands out for this project. It makes the scene very believable and life like.

Mike S, 3D Designer

Mr Steele “Best of FPV Drone”

This still blows my mind…

James, Creative Lead

Desperados “SkyFest”

An oldie but a goodie. I can’t help but be impressed with desperados’ ‘SkyFest’ campaign which hosted a music event in unexpected places – with this one taking place in hot air balloons for more than 1,500 people.

Nicki, 3D Designer

Newmor Wallcoverings & Vescom

In recent weeks we have hosted two of our trusted suppliers - Newmor Wallcoverings and Vescom - to showcase their new product ranges to ensure we continue to work with cutting edge style in our interior spaces.

Partnering with great suppliers allows us to not only see the new trends up close, but it enables us to bring meaning to even the micro details of an experience such as an upholstery fabric of a wallpaper.

One such example is a fabric range by our fabric suppliers – Camira. Their ‘Synergy’ range of fabrics are part of its latest CSR programme with Just a Drop Foundation, called ‘metres for litres’, where they will donate to the charity with every metre of fabric sold. Find out more about their efforts here.