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The Struggles of Meeting Management

Scheduling and managing multiple meetings at events is usually a stressful task. So why make things more complicated than they need to be?

From our experience, we’ve highlighted the four key struggles our clients have had, and how we’ve solved them, all in one go.

Tools not Talking

We all have a number of processes we have to go through to get a job done, but when your tools aren’t talking to one another, you end up duplicating your work load. The more time your team spends filling in requests or logging work orders, the less time they have for networking, customer support and ensuring the event is a success.

We hate wasted time, who doesn’t? Logging the same information into your calendar, CRM, notes and event manager seems completely unnecessary in 2018. Our clients don’t have to do this anymore.

Spreadsheet Stresses

For too long we’ve seen event managers battle with the stress of spreadsheets at events as they welcome their guests. When will this madness end? Technology is being integrated with every element of a brand experience these days so why are so many brands allowing their customer experience to fall short? There’s a simple way to take that stress away.

Caring for the Customer

Nowadays we see brands investing more and more in their events, but they seem to be forgetting one key detail when delivering an extraordinary customer experience. A modern and streamlined customer journey is critical for a successful show, but the first part of the journey often gets overlooked. Customers expect a seamless, personal first impression, and there are only a few tools that can deliver this currently.

Prove your Event Success

After the buzz of an event, brands want to be able to celebrate the successes (and prove a return on the investment). But as we all know, it’s not always the easiest to prove the success. What if you could have all the information around every meetings that took place during your event, alongside the critical information gathered in these meetings? We can show you how we do this.

Meeting management tools allow you to manage meetings faster, easier and more efficiently from any location, on any device. The future is already here.

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