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The year of Voice, Hyper Reality and - dare I say it - Blockchain

With 2018 well underway, it's time for me to get my crystal ball out and have a look at some of the trends that could play out this year.

OK Google, let's talk about Alexa.

With over 40million smart speaker devices adopted in the US alone and with everything from a fridge to a toilet being connected up to the internet of things at CES earlier this month, 2018 is well and truly looking to be the year of Voice Interfaces. The opportunities for brands and their experiences to get in on the action has never been better.

From empowering your business meetings to supporting brand engagements with voice interface and technology. We are seeing the beginning of how the invisible interface can help brands and creatives to think in new and different ways. It sounds backwards, I know, but using invisible interface technology to bring us back to human interactions and an easier way of life. And as we're in the business of experiences - who doesn't want that?!

Hyper Reality

VR and AR 1.0 have come and gone without too much change to our industry but the ambition to blend our reality with the digital world is far from played out. This year, Magic Leap is being released. It is the, long awaited, first product with the promise of true head mounted, light-field Mixed Reality which allows the brain to naturally process digital objects the same way we do real-world objects.

Mixed-reality and interactive rooms could be the brand experiences of the future, transporting target audiences on a fully immersive VR journey without having to wait for them to come to your show. Check out this YouTube video to see the early stages in action.


If I had a pound for every-time Blockchain has been mentioned as a breakout technology over the past three years, then… Well, let's just say I very much doubt I'd be writing this for you. But it is starting to look like there is some interesting opportunities starting to appear with decentralised systems that go beyond the boom and bust of bitcoin. Some interesting examples are:

Professional Networks, Telegram, Indie Music

More than ever, the technology media is awash with buzzwords and phrases. Fishing through the mass, there are some nuggets of meaningful digital gold that I predict will play a big part in brand experiences this year - and it's safe to say, we can't wait to see where this innovative tech will take our wonderful world of audience interactions and experiences.

Phil Maggs, Head of Digital.