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Top Trends and Tech Influences from NAB

More than 102,000 attendees arrived in Vegas to join one of the world’s biggest and most influential media, entertainment and technology events, NAB Show 2018. One of those attendees was our very own brand experience evangelist, Ally.

Ally has been exploring the show and taking in the top trends and tech influences that are predicted to impact the event industry across the next year. Here’s what she found:

At NAB we heard that the predicted revenue generated by the VR industry will top $20 billion USD by 2020 and $61 billion by 2023. No surprise there.

Grabbing 5 minutes with Ericsson Television’s Product Marketing Manager, Murray Barker, we discussed how VR is gathering momentum, not just as a gaming technology but to better the current working world, validated by Ericsson’s ConsumerLab report which is using VR to train their staff across the globe and capture thousands of consumer insights – one of the first of its kind.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the fundamental structure of every industry. This we know. But now we are finally seeing a glimpse into how brands are interacting with this technology…

One question I can’t help but ask - Is AI just the next ‘big data’?

Witbe’s Technology Evangelist Luke Carriere talked about the behavioural difference between start-ups and large organisations when it comes to AI. “Start-ups have been born into this world of technology, they are creating a customer need with the technology instead of having a commercial product and then incorporating the technology into it.”

John Davis, Logitek’s Technical Support Manager, echoed the theme that all companies are feeling the pressure to move with the times and explore the kind of developments consumers actually want to see from AI.

It’s an evolution of conversations between key companies that will take us to unwrapping the full opportunity of Artificial Intelligence.

IBM, Ericsson, Microsoft Azure, AWS Elemental and Google all had elements of AI technology proposals on-site at the show this month, so hopefully the wait won’t be long.

The biggest take out from the show is that we’re still only just scratching the surface of Artificial Intelligence. No one really knows where this technology will go, and that creates a nervousness amongst brands. Everyone is investing in the technology but we’re still just looking at a tiny segment of the whole capability… and the impact it will have.

Ally Mansell-Cook, Brand Experience Evangelist