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What makes us Meaningful?

Meaningful experiences are at the heart of what we stand for at 2Heads. But what makes a brand experience meaningful? And how can that be quantified?

We deal with a wide range of experience projects each year, ranging from brand strategy to branded environments, working in more than 25+ countries worldwide on behalf of our clients. The reasons our clients participate in those projects are many and varied, often as individual as the brief itself. And just as every brief is different, so is what makes it meaningful.

When looking at each brief, our planning teams start with strategy. We delve into the reasons a brand would want to host or participate in an event or exhibition. We analyse who is targeted to attend the event and what their characteristics, pain-points and triggers are. And we consider what those attendees expect to get from their attendee experience, overlaying this with the expectations of the brand themselves. This strategy is what helps better our understanding of what meaningful means to each client team.

With a clear strategy, our account teams can design an experience that supports it and, crucially, decide how best to measure the effectiveness of that experience against the aims and objectives agreed. For much of our work, often focused on trade show experiences or product launches, results can be assessed through sales pipeline engagement or growth, client/prospect meetings, product awareness or adoption and broader positive media coverage of the brand or products featured.

Whilst an exact ROI is often difficult to pin-point because of the overlap of marketing activities, agreed metrics to measure the performance of an experience provides some insight into what each client considers meaningful. For us, meaningful is about a strategic planning process – it’s about starting with ‘why’ before we get to ‘who’ and ‘what’.

Devon Lees, Marketing Manager