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The Internet. Your laptop. The smart-phone. These are all things we now take for granted in our personal and working life, but did you know most of our technological advances were born in 1983? Arpanet adopted TCP/IP on January 1st 1983 and from there, researchers began to assemble the ‘network of networks’ that we now know as the modern internet. Then in September 1983, Motorola launched the 8000X, the worlds first commercial portable cell phone. It cost $3,995 and weighed a shocking 1.75lb.

2Heads Global Design, though known under its original name, was also born in 1983. The brainchild of founder Pepe Parra, it was also a very different animal in the early eighties. There was no interactive Ipads or Augmented Reality. However, the principles behind the agency were there from the start; lets partner with our clients to deliver meaningful experiences that returned on investment.

Just like the internet, 2Heads celebrated its thirty-sixth anniversary this year and it got us thinking about the journey we have taken and the evolution both the industry and our agency has undertaken. We were all in agreement, what better time than now to demonstrate our values to world? And how best to do that? With our online presence of course.

The objectives for our reimagined website was simple. Create a platform where the talent of our team can shine and the partnerships’ we value with our clients can take center stage. We have always been very proud of reputation throughout the industry for cutting edge design and clean, impactive interpretation and we wanted a website that reflected this. We also wished to create a forum where everyone had a voice. From our community to our clients and we wanted to create space where this will naturally happen.

Lastly, we wanted a website that was as immersive as our experiential environments. From our Showreel and our Approach service matrix to our Case Studies, we wished to show the importance of narrative as opposed to just talking about it. With our Talking Heads and Teamwork, we also wanted to imbue the website with a sense of integrity and realism; show the very talented cogs that sit behind the agency and make it work.

The reality is more than we could hope for; our website is a living, breathing thing, constantly evolving as our team push the boundaries of experiential marketing with every event. There is - as always - more we aim to achieve and as we look towards the possibilities of the future, we invite you take the journey with us.
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