Meet the Team

Pepe Parra


I founded 2heads in 1983 because I saw an opportunity in the growing world of b2b events and exhibitions for a commercially focused business. I wanted to build a company with the right people who were excited to deliver experiential outcomes that exceeded client expectation. I believed then, and even more now, that a good partnership means empowering your clients to achieve and its been one of my life’s pleasures to witness how much they have grown.

My greatest pride is my team; how they have risen to the challenges of a changing world and given their all in everything they do. Their loyalty and dedication is an inspiration to me and I look forward to seeing what our ‘family’ do next.

Craig Wildman

Global Managing Director

I am a strong believer in the power of experience. Over fifteen years in Marketing, PR and Creative, I have witnessed the daily evolution of these arenas and whilst the how - and the what - of client communication is ever-changing, the need to create emotive, meaningful experiences and tangible brand results remains as important as ever.

It is with excitement, that I continue to build the 2Heads global proposition and strengthen our business pillars in-line with the needs of our incredible client portfolio. Most importantly, finding innovative ways to deepen the experience felt by clients when partnering with us.

My passion has always been to evolve and modernise business models, and I'm happy to have found a home at 2Heads. Our team’s determination to innovate and break new ground is inspirational and will result in a bright future for our clients. We are all very excited to about the rich and meaningful experiences we are going to create for our partners for years to come.

James Simpkins

Executive director

I am passionate about leading brands on their business journey, working in partnership with them to understand their challenges and accelerate their business growth. I am their strategic partner and I use my twenty years’ experience to make the necessary calls on approach, content and talent to deliver outcomes that exceed client expectation. For every client relationship, I lead a bespoke team of experience specialists, working closely with each to support and enhance their own performance. 

Customer experience is everything to me. I’m genuinely proud of how the team share that passion every day, no matter what the challenge and how much extra effort is required. Our clients trust and believe in us. We are relentless in supporting their needs and delivering exceptional experiences for both clients and their audiences.

Paul Godwin

Executive Director

I engage and collaborate with our world-leading clients on commercially critical opportunities. Understanding their brand strategy and translating it into a technical road-map for analysis, ideation and implementation. Over my eighteen years at 2heads, I have strategically led and developed client accounts into global show programs in some of the most powerful industry bases. I greatly enjoy managing client relationships and directing the delivery of complex multi-faceted projects as well as business troubleshooting; acting as a sounding board and mentor to the wider agency team.

Even after 24 years in the events industry each day presents fresh exciting challenges and that is what I love about this job. Being able to understand the sectors and markets that our clients work in, and then help them make a difference is what makes every day unique.

Rebecca Lilley

Global HR Director

Throughout my career in both HR and as a subject matter expert in Talent, L&D and Engagement, my greatest joy has been empowering people to succeed. It’s all about having a strong understanding of the business and its strategy and how this translates to getting the right people, in the right roles doing what they love while supporting them to grow and develop. I believe we can only support our clients to achieve their goals if internally we have the right culture, talent strategy and pride in all we do. We operate as change leaders, constantly tinkering within so we can partner our clients without.

What it is about work that gets me out of bed in the morning? Seeing people passionate about what they do! I love seeing our people grow and learn both as professionals and as individuals. I fundamentally believe we bring our whole selves to work, and that when leveraged, this creates a foundation for sustainable innovation, creativity and business longevity.

Steve Parra

VP of Operations US

I make things happen. With over 15 year’s experience at 2heads, I understand every nuance of event production and delivery, and have executed multi-disciplined projects for leading brands all over world. Leading the LA office, my focus is on delivering return on investment for our US and International brands, building decade long relationships with them as we partner from the ground up on budget, project creation, management and execution.

Chris Thornton

Head of Client Operations

I like to think of myself as 2heads ‘go to’ guy, a multi-tasker responsible for keeping our global event delivery working like clockwork. From logistics, project supply and tech delivery, I work in close collaboration with creative, operations, client services and strategy to bring the clients vision to life. It’s all about timely, budget-controlled and efficient execution. I see the technical production department as a centre of excellence, the strong beating heart of 2heads which ensures our projects are always of outstanding quality.

I am passionate about mentoring and developing my team to feel empowered and energised in providing world-wide client solutions. I want to pass on my industry knowledge through others and support them in the seamless delivery of our client's vision.

Ben McDonald

Head of Client Services

I believe in energy and experience, using my extensive experiential agency background in client management to deliver award-winning campaigns, brand activation events and immersive conferences. Partnering with our new business, creative, finance and leadership functions, my role is pivotal in elevating client relationships and delivering incremental revenue. I draw from industry best practice to ensure our client solutions are forward-thinking, collaborative and maintain our outstanding reputation for market-leading innovative execution.

As an industry professional who has historically worked for independent agencies, my proudest moments have always been when winning work against the big networked entities. I find an independent agency with global reach is more effective and nimbler than a corporate giant in understanding a client, their requirements and thought process. I also firmly believe that this ‘client centric’ approach is the best way to deliver long term partnerships with clients. My work across multiple continents with household brands such as Adidas, GE, Unilever, BAT and Netflix is testament to that belief.

Sasha Müeller

Strategy Director

I believe in building client-centric partnerships that create constructive brand appeal for people and enable a shift from a transaction to a relationship. As Strategy Director at 2heads, I thrive when immersed in the heart of a client’s challenge, innovating new methods of brand activation and helping our clients tell their story effectively across all channels. I am passionate about collecting experiences, discovering new methods of communication and driving those macro observations into strategic change for our global brands.

What do I love about my job? Delighting clients with new ways to see value for their brand experience is always great! I achieve this by developing key insights that drive creative strategy and work to understand empathy with the brand audience to improve engagement. I then produce resonant strategy concepts which are rooted in demonstrable strategic truths. This helps the creatives to produce distinctive brand experiences customers will relate to, that inspire, engage and provoke.

Tez Patel

Creative Director

I’m passionate about the intersection of design thinking, human centric creative solutions and innovating the brand experience channel at 2Heads. With unique combination of multidisciplinary design to live engagement events and start-up ventures to award-winning global projects, I blend creative design solutions with strategic insights to translate a client’s brief into an immersive brand experience. I’m advocate of growing creative confidence, positive team work as well as supporting the next generation of talent.

When it comes to creative leadership, what one thing is most important?
Empathy and fostering a positive workplace mentality is the key to unlocking creative talent. Empathy helps establish a human connection to the design problem or brand experience we are trying to create. A positive environment helps unlock the potential solutions and protect and grow the creative confidence of a design team. Creative leadership is championing both of these two traits and without over designing or over simplifying the creative output.

Nick Rosier

Digital and Content Director

I came to 2heads with over a decade’s experience in broadcast, advertising, digital media and interactive design and it is my responsibility to articulate our content strategy into reality. I oversee the full integration of digital, product and content solutions into our pitch propositions, existing client activity and evolution initiatives. I believe in an entrepreneurial approach to product development; leveraging digital technology to build content with truly global reach and create a platform that our clients can grow from.

I thrive on learning and discovery and I am always on the lookout for the next big idea. In my career I’ve witnessed the democratisation of design and technology, and now there are very few limits to what is possible. At a fundamental level, we are imagining new and more meaningful ways to perform the oldest and most human profession: telling stories.

Ally Mansell- Cook

Senior Business Development Director

I consider myself a client-experience evangelist who places client partnership at the heart of all I do. Responsible for forging lasting relationships with a goal to drive brand performance, I use my large company background and small business ethics to ensure each partnership has a meaningful approach. I am energised by new client prospects and curious about how our fully integrated service proposition can help them. I qualify our opportunities, drive engagement and interrogate our recommendations. It’s with pride that I act as an ambassador for 2Heads worldwide.

A people-holic at heart. That’s it – that’s what I am! I’m curious by nature and I love to meet people, socialize, mingle… you name it. People that have met me call me positive and friendly, extrovert and lively. From approachable to a ‘people’s person’, to talkative to endearing … I love chatting to strangers, learning and discovering what makes people & brands tick and knowing I can provide a solution to their challenges. It might sound scary to some but to me, it’s just a chronic condition! 

Paul Skinner

Creative Lead

I am an innovator, always looking for new ways to represent a client’s vision by developing a visual language that aligns with their brand values. I consider myself in a pivotal and trusted role, promoting and developing the 2heads team as we build agile solutions that exceed our world-leading clients expectations. As a member of the creative leadership team, I am also a brand guardian, ensuring all design work is consistent and inspired to ensure output is delivered in a timely fashion and on budget. For me, it’s about elevating the calibre of 3D design standards to the next level.

What one thing about work gets me out of bed in the morning? The next creative idea …that and single origin coffee.

Ryan Simpson

Creative Lead

I live and breathe my work, seeking daily to push the boundaries of branded experience. Over ten years at 2heads, I have created integrated communications, brand product development and global launches for some of the world’s biggest names. For every brief, I interrogate the brand identity and build outwards, ensuring conceptual communication and graphic design direction is right for the client and providing innovative ways of representing their vision. I then mentor and support the wider creative team as we work together to break new ground.

I have always loved what I do. I believe it’s important to think as it not being a job, but like the next puzzle to solve.

The variation of brands and briefs is really something that I love most about working at 2Heads. From a luxury aviation brand one day and then a major media client the next, the great variation of work helps keep my mind fresh and focused. I also find the super talented team around me, all who have equal amounts of passion, help keep me inspired and together we have created some of the best experiences.