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Bombardier at Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Game Changing Engagement

Bombardier Business Aircraft have shaped private flight over 50 years of leadership in the industry. Following the launch of the Global 7000 business jet, Bombardier partnered with 2Heads to design and deliver an unrivalled brand experience for luxury customers around the Milken Institute Global Conference in Beverly Hills: a key opportunity to drive awareness and create depth of engagement leading to high value sales.

The challenge was to create a self-contained luxury experience at a brownfield building development site located in a prime location with excellent footfall. Working with a range of global suppliers and in a condensed planning timeframe, 2Heads focused on answering key client challenges: the need to create an immediate, lasting impression and hold attention to engage among this notoriously tough customer segment.

Our answer was an exclusive, immersive hospitality experience with the full size G7000 replica as the centrepiece, enabling visitors to immediately appreciate the quality and specification of the jet’s interior within their limited dwell time. We worked a complex project plan involving structural engineers, California government officials and a range of specialist contractors; while onsite, construction challenges, high winds, multiple crews working day and night shifts and growing crowd risks were also identified and safely managed.

The result was a game-changing experience for Bombardier’s pre-eminent customer set. Daytime drop in meetings worked seamlessly around conference sessions and evening cocktail events allowed invited guests to get to know the jet while networking with peers, to deliver a truly experiential sales event which has translated into a template for future sector presence.

"Our partnership with 2Heads was instrumental in creating the right environment for us to drive real business results" Bombardier

High profile business opportunity - Immersive hospitality environment - Game changing customer experience - Complex project management - Template for future success

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