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Brand Activation

Leading Brand in Tech

Wireless Technology & Innovation

WHO: Qualcomm

when: CES, Las vegas

A personal connection

A world leader in world technologies, Qualcomm wanted to connect with their audiences in a more personal and proprietary setting away from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.

The Power of 'Real World' Environments

Qualcomm required a interactive experience for their CES delegates, an immersion into the practical application of their world-leading wireless technology. 

Placing the benefits of their tech at the core of the experience, we put together a two-tiered approach for their guests.


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Approach 1- The 'Connected World' tour was based around a vignette set in contemporary Soho Loft apartment, flowing into an outdoor space and an office environment. Audiences experienced the technology in a real-world setting.

Approach 2- The 'Smart Uncovered' tour showcased technical demonstrations with Qualcomm engineers. Wearables, drones and connected technologies featured throughout the two tours. Audiences experienced Qualcomm's offerings first hand.

The result was a highly successful CES activation, attracting a great deal of positive media attention and showcasing their new brand positioning.


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