Proudly independent, award winning, strategically minded and fiercely creative experiential agency


We take pride in what we do

It matters to us, it matters to our clients and it matters to our clients’ customers.  We love using technology in bold and exciting ways. We have fun, always. Because if you’re enjoying yourself it’s not really work.  We do right by the planet, taking responsibility for improving the sustainability of our industry.

We live by a set of values

Energy: We go all in when it comes to supporting and developing our people, they come first. We get fired up about creating amazing experiences for our clients. We want to grab people’s attention and send them home a little different.

Integrity: We’re grown-ups and we act accordingly. That means treating everyone with respect and speaking up when the situation demands. We love saying yes, but we know when it’s time to say ‘no’.

Creativity: We use our imaginations to come up with original ideas. Then we execute them skilfully to great effect. Storytelling is ancient, but with today’s technology the sky’s the limit. Goodbye comfort zone, nice knowing you!


Connecting Brands with People

We blend the discipline of strategy, the spark of creativity and the power of technology & innovation, to create meaningful brand experiences that bring brands and people together.

Our Mission on Sustainability

2Heads is passionate about delivering sustainably designed, carefully measured brand experience marketing events. While the responsibility to improve the impact of the events industry belongs with all of us, we are leading the way with some pioneering clients.

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