2Heads Speaker Session | Virtual Events Group London

9 May 2022

Sponsorships | How to make them Irresistible?

Our Digital & Content Director Nick joins a panel of virtual peers at the Virtual Events Group for their next Townhall discussion.

Selling sponsorships to a virtual event requires a whole new set of skills. The Virtual Event Group have assembled some of the top pros in the field to share their tips and strategies.

Who’s this for?

Corporate and event planners who want to know more about how they engage new and existing sponsors via exciting immersions and interactive approaches to virtual events.


May 18th 2022 | 4PM EDT | ZOOM


Event link: https://bit.ly/3u9w8Xu

Why Sign Up?

VEG have assembled a panel of experts from across the spectrum of Virtual Events design, including experience architect Ariana Black, President of Evolio Marketing Joe Federbush, Lisa Farrell, MD of MEETYO and Jennifer Baranowski of  Software & Information Industry Association. Such an experienced panel is surely going to make for a lively and informative debate.

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