ABC take Abbott Elementary to ADCOLOR

LIVE | Disney

ABC and Disney invite guests back to school to launch season two of acclaimed mockumentary Abbott Elementary at ADCOLOR.

The ADCOLOR Conference, the premier diversity event for professionals at all levels, was back in Los Angeles for the first time since 2019.

Presented by Meta, Google, Amazon and Disney, ADCOLOR is an intense and motivating experience packed with well-curated panels and incredible speakers who bring their work on diversity, equity and inclusion to life with hands-on workshops and one-of-a-kind events.

The theme for this year’s conference, “Still Rising”, is about building on the momentum of the DE&I investments to defy odds, reshape industries and affirm the need for inclusion every single day. As a lead sponsor, Disney and ABC wished to maintain momentum for this inspiring conference by celebrating wins of the past and discuss engagement tools for continued success.

Disney Advertising and 2Heads designed an immersive classroom environment from the award winning ABC series Abbott Elementary to act as the hotel lobby activation welcoming guests to this exciting event. The award-winning sitcom based on the fictional school in Philidelphia was nominated for seven Emmy Awards, winning three.

Guests entered the line queue and were welcomed into a scenic buildout designed to include details and easter eggs from the beloved title. Once seated, the “students”  filmed a 15 second “thank you” message to a teacher or mentor who had made a positive impact on their lives. For those who preferred a photo option, they could  snap a headshot and be dropped into the pages of the Abbott Elementary Yearbook.  The final video clip and photo were optimized for sharing on social media using the event hashtags of #stillrising and #adcolor2022, and emailed instantly to guests.  

In the moment messages were left by ADCOLOR guests for their peers using the ABC bulletin board. Displaying colorful notes, each message was touching, intergral and resonant with the ‘Still Rising’ conference message. This joyful interaction prompted more serious conversations on using TV and film content to raise awareness on real life inclusion.

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