Premium x Sustainability

LIVE | Bombardier

Bombardier give a masterclass in sustainable and immersive brand experience.

Bombardier, the global leader in business jets, partnered with us for the twentieth year at EBACE 2022. As the annual meeting place for the European business aviation community, Bombardier chose EBACE for the grand unveiling of the both the brand new G8000, the fastest and furthest flying business jet in the world, and their vision for sustainable development of an under-pressure industry.  

Bombardier Sustainability Message o n EBACE Screens

The Brief | Push Experiential Brand Boundaries

Bombardier briefed us to craft an experiential space that could host an intimate plane launch, then be re-engineered overnight to invite the whole world to witness the technology and innovation behind the new G8000 business jet. Bombardier further challenged us to perpetuate interest and conversation with a switch-up to their environment that focused on Bombardier’s sustainable vision for the future.

The Solution | Digital Content takes Center Court

The Bombardier environment was a masterclass in problem solving. We designed an ergonomic environment that could be both intimate and private for Bombardier’s VVIP launch of the G8000, then opened up overnight to welcome guests and show attendees alike to experience all of the new Bombardier innovations.

Haloed above the environment, a 25 by 8-meter showstopper wall played host to a 2Heads created film sequence, moving from a visual immersion into Bombardier’s wellness features to a once an hour, on the hour ‘video event’ where a carefully crafted 3D reel wowed audiences worldwide.

To mirror Bombardier’s sustainable approach to future jet development, 2Heads also developed the whole environment with recycled materials built upon re-useable structures. 

The Results | A Show Stopper

Bombardier exist in a competitive market where at first glance the product ranges are similar and often described through engineering statistics. We wanted to give audiences worldwide a peek into what it would ‘feel’ like to experience the jet. We wanted to use physical demos to let people sit inside the plane, and wellness vignettes so they can understand the innovations on offer, not just hear about them.

With the content screens, we designed an experience that truly embodied Bombardier’s ethos of exceptional by design, where each and every detail was considered from both an aesthetic and practical point of view.

Playtech @ ICE 2020

Evolving the Partnership between Engagement & Sustainability

Bombardier’s launch of the G8000 and their unveiling of the Bombardier’s blueprint for sustainable development were considered an unparalleled success. For Bombardier, this was a significant gear change away from staid B2B environments that exist to sell a plane, to a brand showcase that made significant advancements in changing perceptions around their approach and identity.

Significant highlights include: