De Beers @ JCK Las Vegas

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The Diamond standard in sustainably designed brand experience environments

In our latest project with global diamond icons De Beers, we activate their Building Forever vision at one of the jewellery industry’s key expos, JCK in Las Vegas.

De Beers are passionate about pioneering the ethical, social and environmental standards of their industry and aim to be the diamond standard of conscious business practices. As part of their Building Forever commitments they have challenged us to produce their global show program using the most holistically sustainable methods available.

De Beers & Building Forever:

To build forever we need to challenge ourselves to do better and push further, which is why we have set ourselves 12 ambitious goals we are determined to achieve by 2030. Our goals concentrate on four clear pillars where we believe we can make a meaningful impact – leading ethical practices, partnering for thriving communities, protecting the natural world and accelerating equal opportunity. These are vitally important not only to our business, but also to our employees, partners and communities across all facets of our operations.

The Brief

The Solution

Following the success of our partnership with De Beers in Singapore, our experiential solution blended the use of eco-conscious materials with luxury finishes and cutting edge immersive technologies to engage government and business delegates in the brand world of De Beers.

Through multiple storytelling touch points, guests could engage with all aspects of De Beers’ integrated business in a succinct, consumable way.

Built on a reusable sub-structure to minimise waste, the experience used sustainable materials (including OSB, compact cardboard, water-based paint and cork and sisal flooring) and featured planter walls where every plant was later donated locally and replanted.

An eco-concious strategy underpinned every element of the JCK event, from sourcing local materials and significiant logistic reductions, to rental systems and recycling policies for end of life resources. This strategy was mapped and referenced using the Trace carbon tracking platform to ensure carbon data was transparent, known and to create benchmarks for further evolution.

De Beers is known for perfection so no stone was unturned or detail forgotten as we designed and produced an experience that executed the high levels of finish expected of one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

The Results

Over 30,000 industry professionals from all facets of the jewelry industry attended the event for a week of product sourcing, education, and networking. 18,000 guests (up 8% from 2022) from over 100 countries conducted business during the event.

With a footprint of 2600 sq ft, De Beers was the most prominent brand at the show and our sustainably executed experience was a huge talking point for all that engaged with the brand. All carbon tracking was mapping using the Trace carbon measurement platform: Key statistical results included:

Furniture Data. 54.7% of the products used for the event were hired locally. 25.7% of products are on a reuse cycle for the show and 19.6% of items were recycled through local donation.

Mileage. We limited the initial freight deliveries and the runner vans to the local area for procurement, staying under a 220 mile total target.

Material Use. Over 50% of production materials for display counters, walls and cork flooring was from recycled material. All paint was water-based. 67.5% of all graphic production was also sourced from recycled materials

Material Stock. Over 4,950 kg of material stock was hired, and 2267 kg were from recycled material. This equated to 85.7% of production build materials used.

Spread the Word. Education was key to De Beer’s successful strategy to Building Forever within and without the industry. Spread the Word infographics informed guests of the details behind the design, placing their eco-credentials front and center. The first time this has ever been done at JCK.