Timeless Stories @ MIPCOM

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Disney put content at the heart of their MIPCOM experiential marketing campaign.

Welcome to Disney at MIPCOM 2022. Step inside a world of creativity where Disney’s content waves at you from the walls. Drawing from Disney’s legacy as the world’s greatest content creator, 2Head’s modern media studio at the Cannes Palais took guests from the past to the present and into the future.

Timeless stories and endless entertainment remains the purposeful theme of Disney’s 100 Years marketing campaign and the studio at MIPCOM was no different. Designed around a collaborative environment that placed people within Disneys’ stories, the environment used subtle yet directional architecture to highlight Disney’s ninety years of content through colour and texture.

It was all started by a mouse

Walt Disney

The Disney at MIPCOM Studio was designed around the human-centric experience of content and collaboration. Using a zonal model, we focused on displaying Disney’s incredible array of titles around comfortable, creative spaces that encouraged conversations.

We created a brand home that invited guests into a world of imagination, hope and dreams. Visitors enjoyed a carefully curated journey through elegant design and tranquil spaces that showcased legacies. Textures and colors magnified the world’s largest collection of content and encouraged visitors to explore the possibilities of working within the Disney media ecosystem.