Experience is in the ‘Haus’ at Davos

LIVE | Qualcomm

Qualcomm put experience first with the first ever brand ‘Haus’ at the World Economic Forum, Switzerland.

Qualcomm are the world’s leading wireless tech innovator whose aim is to enable a world where everyone and everything can be intelligently connected. Qualcomm focus on leadership in wireless connectivity to power the connected intelligent edge; therefore, illustrating Qualcomms innovations through tactile experience was high on the agenda as they tasked 2Heads to deliver their ‘Haus’ at the all-important World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Brief | A Place for Next-Gen Experiences

Reputation proceeds the World Economic Forum as the event both technology and financial brands must attend. The WEF is an event where brand presence matters and where major bluechip companies wish to be perceived as leaders in their field.

Qualcomm required 2Heads:

The Solution | A ‘Haus’ of Connected Innovation

2Heads wanted to provide an authentic and immersive experience for Qualcomm that paid homage to Davos and allowed visitors to discuss next-gen innovations and digital transformations that Qualcomm use to create a connected future for all.

We sourced the highly prominent Kaffeeklatsch on the main promenade and converted the Swiss ski resort café into a modern and contemporary branded environment with clean, crisp finishes and striking graphics, illuminations, product displays and content.

As lead agency, 2Heads were responsible for all aspects of the project from design to build to deliver the following:

The Results | A First Class Experience

Through intimate networking and targeted conversations, Qualcomm were able to share their roadmap of breakthrough technologies with important WEF delegates. On a wider scale, the Qualcomm ‘Haus’ captured the imagination of visitors with solution based immersions and Qualcomm were very happy with the drastic transformation from cafe to Haus. Discussions are already in place on how to push the experience for 2023.

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