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Creating Playtech’s Global Brand Experiences.

Playtech look for a successful presence at all their global events, from presenting through scale at G2E or through reinvention at ICE. Ahead of an industry which still relies heavily on hardware promotion, Playtech focus on customer experience and involvement. They require their live environments to offer user experience for their products and balance this with their passion as a company to embrace responsible gaming in everything they do. 

Playtech 2Heads ICELondon

The Brief | Engaging Business Conversations

Playtech wanted experiences that engaged key partners in business conversations. Their experts needed to connect with investors and operators and our brief was to create these opportunities upon an amplified platform for work, talk and planning.

The Solution | All Roads Lead to Experts

The 2Heads solution, best show-cased at ICE London, was an experience that really delivered a Playtech buzz. From the ‘take-over’ immersive badge registration zone to the 700sqm central environment itself, the Playtech experience felt truly alive. By positioning hospitality in the heart of the space, we ensured that all roads into the environment led to the action; direct to Playtech experts and the beating heart of energetic digital content created by ourselves that showcased across key LED sites.

We used a one level 360 degree activation to channel users to the right engagement zones. The ‘Content Channel’ zones offered guests the opportunity to engage with the Playtech team and learn about their latest products. Featuring a suite of experiential aspects, a Casino Canyon was designed to excite attendees through immersive audio and motion graphic gaming content. It also powerfully amplified Playtech’s premier product Kingdoms Rise which was celebrated with the special launch event for their most recent suite, Captain’s Treasure.

Playtech @ ICE 2020

Evolving brand engagement

James Simpkins, Executive Director at 2Heads, said: “We’ve been collaborating with Playtech for a number of years by helping them reach new audiences and start new conversations. This year, Playtech had an ambitious target of engaging 20,000 people in meaningful conversations so we created themed areas that really amped up the crowds. Simplicity and sustainability of brand message was key and the targeted expert zones really worked this year, making Playtech’s presence at ICE 2020 arguably their most successful.”

A B2B experience partner we can rely on to be creative, flexible and supportive is essential – and 2Heads never fails to deliver. The team is always up for a challenge and ready to adapt to change – something which is vital in a fast-moving industry. Oure partnership means we can create an experience that’s truly memorable for our customers and highlights the value and achievements of our business.

Sari Lichtik | Head of Marcomms | Playtech
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