Fan Adventures @ Anime Expo

LIVE | SEGA of America

Engaging fans for one of the world’s most iconic entertainment brands

Our first project with Sega of America saw us take their beloved master brand and ATLUS properties into the beating heart of the Anime world, Anime Expo in LA. A mecca for Anime fans from all over the world, AX brings together those brands and companies that are taking Japan’s illustrious universe of animation, movies, games and merchandise to the world stage.

Anime is one of the fastest growing cultural phenomena on the planet with an incredibly engaged, knowledgeable and passionate fan base. Showing up with authenticity and a deep understanding of what makes the Anime cosplayer tick was crucial to designing a successful experience and the 2Heads LA team absolutely nailed it.

The Brief

Our brief had two core components around fan engagement and retail. Anime Expo is a true B2C fan event and the one thing these true fanatics are looking for is access to the brands, titles, artists and characters they love. With such a broad portfolio of games amongst the two houses of Sega and ATLUS, we were spoilt for choice with ways to activate their products through gaming experiences, activations and UGC moments.

After the access, these fans want nothing more than to take home exclusive merchandise and the lines literally go around the block for three days to get hold of the best stash. Sega set us the challenge of designing the most efficient and immersive retail fulfilment experience possible to maximize sales and minimize the time spent by our fans in line.

The Solution

We wanted to create a uniquely Japanese styled design; one that celebrates Sega and ATLUS’ rich history, heritage and creativity, whilst at the same time presenting a neutral canvas to allow the various titles to be experienced.

As we explored different ways to bring the brands to life while maximizing retail potential, we were excited by Japanese anime retail and vending culture.

Offbeat and fun, it provided the perfect platform on which to express Sega and ATLUS’ personalities as well as allowing us to showcase titles and merchandise in an eye catching way. 

Imagine stepping inside a department store dedicated to Sega and ATLUS; a destination where you can meet like-minded passionate fans, immerse yourself in a world of Anime and get your hands on exclusive merchandise from all your favorite titles!

The Experience Architecture

Eye-catching & arresting – An experience that makes people stop, stare and share, using verticality to create a fan destination filled with FOMO. 

Rooted in culture – Embracing the culture of Anime in all its forms – aesthetically, tonally, visually, and talks to its fans in an authentic way.

Drives brand reappraisal – Helps Sega and ATLUS to turn up differently at Anime Expo than ever before and stand out from the crowd.

Celebratory & optimistic – Celebrates the rich heritage of Sega and ATLUS, presenting the core titles in a vibrant and energetic way.

The Results

Anime Expo 23 exceeded all expectations. First and foremost, the experience ticked all of the boxes for the fans with footfall figures and dwell time off the charts. And with 300% YOY uplift in sales, the experience also ticked Sega’s commercial box too:

Fans Engaged
Gaming Demos