Sustainability is now Mainstream

LIVE | World Business Council for Sustainable Development

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development lead the way with their first hybrid Liasion Delegate Meeting.

WBCSD is the premier global, CEO-led community of over 200 of the world’s leading sustainable businesses working collectively to accelerate the system transformations needed for a net zero, nature positive, and more equitable future.

They do this by engaging executives and sustainability leaders from business and elsewhere to share practical insights on the obstacles and opportunities currently being faced in tackling the integrated climate, nature and inequality sustainability challenge.

The Brief | A Conference for the Modern Age

A key annual forum for WBCSD to deliver its agenda and enable its members to collaborate on solutions is the Liaison Delegate meeting held in Montreux, Switzerland. Held over 3 days, the LD meeting was delivered both live and virtually, and attracted senior decision makers from many of the world’s leading businesses to tackle the planet’s ever pressing sustainability challenges.

The Solution | A Hybrid Immersion

Focusing on a intensive schedule of plenary sessions and breakout roundtables, we worked closely with WBCSD to ensure every delegate journey was smooth, informative and engaging.

We also built a ‘twinned’ event on our proprietary software EventHive VX for all of WBCSD’s international delegates unable to travel. Across the hybrid three days, we hosted an online conference with experience design, production, broadcasting, motion-graphics, streaming, networking and video content creation to:

The Results | An International Community Engaged

Guests from over forty countries were able to join WBCSD and their expert speakers at the Liasion Delegate meeting regardless of time-zone and scheduling differences. The WBCSD vision was creatively delivered to delegates via break out rooms and plenary experiences experienced both physically and digitally. Conversations, debate and discussion between WBCSD and guests hugely increased understanding and helped form plans for the future. The Conference App and virtual twin event hosted on EventHive VX allowed a seamless immersion into the content and livestream for international visitors. The Liason Delegate Meeting enjoyed 400 attendees in Montreaux and 30,000 online engagements over 15 sessions with almost 20,000 unique views of content and sessions.

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