Technology-Led Experiences

CONTENT | Belden

Belden and 2Heads lead the way in immersive brand experiences with the opening of the Bangalore Customer Innovation Center, their finale to a five CIC programme and showcasing the finest in tech-led product demonstrations.

Belden continues their leadership global innovation with the launch of their fifth Customer Innovation Center (CIC) in Bangalore, India. Designed and executed by 2Heads, the Bangalore CIC represents the very best in immersive technology-led experiences, perfect for a city that is known for its innovation, technology prowess, and design synergy; an ideal backdrop for such a transformative project. Here’s the highlights:

1 | Seamless Integration and Coordination: 

The installation aimed for cohesion, coordination, and a seamless integration of technology to create an immersive and dynamic space. The design vision was carefully curated to transform the mood of the space through Pixilab control interfaces, iPod touch triggers, and high-spec audio systems that included broad-ranging networked audio through Dante and 5.1 surround capabilities in the Infinity immersive room. 

2 | Innovative Programming: 

The programming of the space achieved unprecedented levels of sophistication and surpassed any brand space 2Heads have previously created. The anticipation surrounding the experience were palpable, as customers and partners encountered Belden content in an unexpected and delightful manner. The introduction sequence across various display techs was meticulously coordinated to reveal content through cues and triggers that seamlessly blended with the physical environment. 

3 | Validation Room Enhancement: 

The Validation Room featured high-spec Belden server racks, ingeniously representing each of Belden’s industry verticals. A transparent LED display, appearing triggered by touch, highlighted Belden’s solutions and surprised the audience during the inauguration. It was important that the integration of this interactive element seamlessly aligned with the overall show flow. 

4 | Infinity Dome Experience: 

The centerpiece of the installation was the Infinity Dome, a 270-degree projected surface that offered a unique brand experience. The carefully crafted visuals, coupled with surround sound, created a captivating environment and the triggered showpiece film left a lasting impression on every visitor by combining bespoke content design with immersion.

5 | Interactive City of the Future: 

In the subsequent phase, the experience moved to a clay model interpretation of the city of the future, emphasizing Belden’s vertical in Mass Transit. Interactive icons allowed users to make selections via the React app interface and pull content from the Belden global CMS. The narrative unfolded with looping 3D animations, augmented representations, and informative overlays connecting Belden technologies to the environment. 

6 | Technical Considerations: 

2Heads demonstrated a meticulous approach to technical specifications, audience numbers, and the desire for interactivity. The innovation team ensured that the content experience was not passive but actively engaged the audience and avoided discomfort in 3D peripheral content by creating a fixed perspective. 


The technology-led experiences at the Belden CIC in Bangalore stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Belden and 2Heads. The groundbreaking result is an immersive, and interactive brand experience that captivates visitors and positions Belden as an industry leader in both innovation and technology. Setting a new standard for customer engagement in Belden’s global network through a successful fusion of technology, design, and storytelling.