2Heads Summit The Three Peaks

BLOG | 30 August 2023

The 2Heads UK team are all smiles, and maybe a few achy knees, after completing the Three Peaks Challenge, scaling the heights of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon.

With months of planning and training, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The support and the outstanding donations have been overwhelming. We’re delighted to have raised over £10,000 for our three charities Freely Fruity, Young Minds and Great Ormond Street.

So what were the challenges?

Despite all the training, nothing can prepare you for the real thing. The biggest challenges were not only three highest mountains in the UK but the limited hours of sleep, endless service station sandwiches and the aches and pains made worse by a total of 16 hours of driving from Scotland to England to Wales and then back to the office!

Starting at 06:00 in Fort William, Scotland, the adventure began. Our 19 walkers were quickly strung out in smaller groups up and down the 1345m peak, ending with a range of finish times from 3 hours 40 minutes to 10 hours. The team quickly realised this adventure wasn’t going to be straight forward.

The second climb, Scafell Pike, was a different challenge with an immediate uphill struggle and river crossing to negotiate. At this stage the fellowship had split into two groups with the first 12 walkers completing the climb despite low visibility and gale force winds (well it was July!) just as night fell. Our second brave group, a few hours behind on the journey down from Scotland, began their climb in pitch blackness and declining weather conditions, completed the climb in just under 5 hours and got on the road to join the first group over in Wales.

As the challenge came to a close on Mt Snowdon, the team were at varying levels of breaking point but one by one made their way to the top of Wales to reach the third and final summit of the Three Peaks once again in a grey windy whirlwind. A truly epic adventure and one the team won’t forget in a hurry, even if they wanted to.

What kept the team going?

Our Project Coordinator Lauren felt that teamwork was the key. “Motivation from the team was a big factor in getting us all across the line. Everyone had their own individual areas where they excelled and equally their challenges. Quickly learning what peoples strengths and weaknesses were and being able to adapt to help specific people when they needed it was the best way to all stay motivated.” Teamwork makes the dreamwork, as they say.

Overall, the team found the experience to be hugely rewarding and are so thankful for all the support that’s been given. Our 2D Designer Michael is already super keen to get back on those mountains “I would absolutely do it again! Despite the challenges I really enjoyed the whole experience and kind of missed it as soon as I got home.” Others may feel differently, but we love the spirit, Michael!

A MASSIVE well done to our 2Heads UK team for completing their Three Peaks Challenge and raising a huge amount for our charities. What will the next adventure be? Stay tuned.