2Heads Talks Insight Channel

BLOG | 20 August 2021

An industry focused vlog series for event professionals

2Heads Talks Insight Channel, we launched our vlog 2Heads Talks in 2020 with the pilot edition; Brave New World.

Since then, a series of expert talks have discussed everything from the event worlds evolution to technological wizardy and the future of experiential spaces.

Here is a taster of some of our favourite talks. Visit our YouTube 2Heads Talks Insight channel to watch more, or register here for future releases.

E12: 2Heads Presents EventHive VX

2Heads ECD Jordan Waid introduces part 1 of our hybrid whitepaper; the Change Curve.

E13 : Immersive Halloween Experience

E10: A Vision for the Future

E9 : How Clients Help Evolve Solutions

E7: How to Innovate Online

E5 : The Role of Creatives

E4 : Building Innovative Virtual Events

E2: A Hybrid Future