2Heads Welcomes More New Joiners

NEWS | 24 October 2023

2Heads are thrilled to welcome more six new recruits to the family, each one bringing their own creativity and personality to the team.

2Heads welcomes new joiners to both the London and North American arms of the agency as their unprecedented growth continues through 2023.

Being a creative agency, 2Heads love bringing people on board to help give us a fresh perspective on our work. Let’s meet our fabulous new team members:

Zheheng Lai – Experiential Designer, LA

Introducing Zheheng, our newest LA team member! With a background in architectural design, exhibition, marketing, and brand design, Zheheng brings a fresh perspective to our creative family. Zheheng is also the owner of two Shiba Inu pups! Here at 2Heads we’re all about the doggos!

Daniel Manning – Project Manager, London

We are thrilled to welcome Daniel to the 2Heads family! With a remarkable 15 years of experience in the events industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. But that’s not all! Daniel’s passion for making a positive impact extends far beyond event management. He is actively involved in local charity work, particularly focusing on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We’re very excited to have Daniel has part of the team. 

Ehsaan Mesghali – Creative Director, LA

Introducing our new North America Creative Director, Ehsaan, who’s bringing his exceptional expertise to our team in LA! With years of experience collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned brands, he’s a true visionary in the industry. Ehsaan is also a proud member of Farhang Foundation’s Fine Arts Council, helping promote Iranian heritage through partnerships with established cultural institutions across the greater Los Angeles region.

Scott Turner – CAD, London

With an impressive 19 years of experience in 2D CAD, 3D visualization, and art working, Scott is a true master of design. We’re beyond excited to have his expertise onboard! Scott cannot wait to get creative and work with the team!

Daniel Warwick – Creative Producer, London

Daniel Warwick has a diverse range of experience. From working on a year-long build for a interactive installation in LA to leading a team in the live re-creation of Battle of Trafalgar presented in front of the Royals, Daniel comes to us with a very specific task on one of our most unique and exciting projects. We can’t wait to see the end results, we know for sure that Daniel will not disappoint. Did you know that Daniel has also been part of a band for 12 years? We will definitely need front row seats for his next show!

Ammon Ilgan – Project Manager US

Ammon joins our LA team and brings with him a wealth of experience in field marketing, production and project management for experiential marketing agencies. Ammon previously worked on campaigns with State Farm, Uber Eats and LA Rams, and is looking forward to his life with 2Heads, being able to collaborate with creative minds to bring fun and exciting projects to life! Not only multi-talented, Ammon is multi-lingual, speaking English, Tagalog (Filipino), and Spanish.

If you want to be part a dynamic work environment that nurtures creativity and fosters personal and professional growth, then apply today on our Join Us page: https://www.2heads.com/jobs-in-events/