Exciting changes are underway at 2Heads, including the addition of many fresh faces!

Can you believe how quickly 2024 is flying by? We’re thrilled to introduce some of the newest members of our 2Heads family.

As a creative agency, we thrive on new perspectives and innovative ideas. Let’s meet our fabulous new team members:

Chantel Ashley – Project Coordinator

With a degree in Events Management, Chantel brings a fresh perspective to our team. During her time at 2Heads, she has excelled in organising and coordinating important events, making her a valuable asset. In her spare time, Chantel is learning Vietnamese. Hopefully, we can secure some projects there so she can practice her new language skills!

Kim Kokolaras – Project Coordinator

Meet Kim, another wonderful addition to the Project team. Kim spent her last nine years from running a successful family-owned venue in South Africa and from there, sinking her teeth in sales, planning and delivery across the Private and Corporate sector making various venues her second home. Watch out for Kim on the dance floor at the next 2Heads social, turns out she has a background in modern and hip-hop dancing!

Tracey Greenholt – Project Manager

With a diverse range of experience, Tracey began her career as a history teacher before swiftly transitioning into events. She started in consumer PR, handling launch events, fashion shows, roadshows, guerrilla marketing campaigns, and photoshoots with a wide range of clients. Tracey looks forward to working with various departments and building strong, long-standing relationships with both existing and new clients.

Martin Clarke – Project Manager

An avid traveler, Martin is no stranger to hopping from country to country for events. He previously worked for exhibition organisers, managing events in various countries, including Russia and India. These events spanned multiple industries, such as fine and specialty chemicals, railway technology, and fasteners and fixings. We’re excited to have you, Martin!

Oli Simmonds – Project Coordinator

Oli brings her unique flair to the Project team, having previously worked in venues as an event lead, organising a range of public events. Outside of work hours, you can find Oli writing her latest script.

Looking to enhance your career in events and work with a dynamic team? Apply today on our Join Us page: https://www.2heads.com/jobs-in-events/

Nadine Susel | Senior Account Director

C2 touched down last week in the Grand Quay of the Old Port of Montreal – much to the delight of thought leaders, rainmakers and event magicians from across North America. But what it is about this conference that causes Creative Avengers to Assemble with such caffeine-fueled enthusiasm? 

It starts with the programme – three days, three topics, multiple sessions per day – a “choose your own adventure” format that very much appeals to a deadline centric audience.  

Day 1: Experiential + Immersive  

Day 2: Innovation + Sustainability 

Day 3: AI + Commerce 

Now listen, I could write an entire dissertation about the topics covered at C2. Everything from defamiliarization to sustainable agriculture – psychographics to bias in machine learning was discussed. But your time is precious dear reader, and today I’m going to focus on the one burning question that came up repeatedly in every session: 

What’s Next? 

From the world of experiential, it is the rise of fandom-focused brand activations – creating the right conditions for an invested audience to contribute to a specific moment in time. Pause here for a moment, because if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it did it really make a sound? This is where the all-powerful (and much debated) infinity gauntlet that is AI enters the chat. 

Disclaimer: discussing AI can cause flashes of a dystopian future where machine learning has taken over, and Keanu Reeves is our only hope of salvation. But take a deep breath and hear me out – it’s not as scary as it sounds. 

How many of you have captured metrics and KPIs from your events, only to have them filed away in a shared drive as a poorly formatted Google Sheet? More recently how many of you have said “we should integrate AI” (presumably in a professional setting) without fully understanding how it can actually add value? Most importantly, how do you connect with your audience, inspiring them to break their routines and invest in your activation? 

AI has been around since the 1950s, but the rise of data technologies has made it easier than ever to gather, store and analyze massive datasets. Training AI models has enabled us to “build a better mousetrap” – that is to say learn from ourselves and the world around us at lightning speed. Apply this to your event strategy and you have one heck of a pressure cooker for innovation.  

Let’s get back to real life applications, shall we? If you design an experience with very clear KPIs, and then sprinkle some AI stardust on your event strategy – you will have created an experience fueled by the energy of your audience. For example, if you’re designing an activation for the Olympic Games in Paris this July, where merch sales and fan engagement are your measures of success, you can use AI to incentivize engagement (Nike recently co-created 13 pairs of AI-generated sneakers with 40 world-class athletes in a buildup to the Games). By creating a compelling campaign, fans are encouraged to provide personal details (image, age, interest) to receive a personalized output (personalized artwork, merchandise and social media content) and in turn providing you (the architect) with a volume of data that AI can then analyze for consumer engagement trends. Ex “guests ages 40+ were 3x more likely to customize their own sneakers than to create a generative AI Athlete version of themselves running track” 

The only limit is input – how can you phrase your question correctly to get the desired output? This specific language has become a coveted skillset that goes far beyond asking ChatGPT for a weekend itinerary in Monaco.  

Like I said – I could go on for ages – but believe me when I say that C2 Montreal is a fantastic opportunity to network and be inspired, in a city characterized by its love of thinking outside the box. So what’s next? It is a dialogue between creators and consumers that transcends transaction to focus on relationships. Storytelling that builds spontaneously on a diverse set of narratives – where we continuously learn to speak the language of our audience in order to generate better content that continues to increase value over time.  

Garbage in, garbage out – but fine-tuned automated data entry combined with machine learning? Now that’s something I want to know more about! 
This your last chance. After this there is no turning back. You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes. – Morpheus 

James Simpkins | Global CGO

In the fast-paced, digitally saturated world we live in, brands are constantly searching for innovative ways to capture the attention and loyalty of their target audiences. Traditional marketing methods, while still valuable, are increasingly overshadowed by the power of experiential marketing. Experiential events have emerged as the most important tool in a brand’s arsenal, transforming how companies connect with their customers, employees, and stakeholders.

The Experiential Marketing Summit (EMS) held in Las Vegas, put events front and centre of the agenda this year. With a multitude of topics covered by brand-side marketers and agency leaders, the scene was set to address industry challenges, seek solutions, and drive experiential marketing into the next era. Here are my key takeaways:

Exhibits are evolving to become more experiential, immersive, and innovative to truly captivate attendees. Traditional exhibits often lack engagement, but experiential ones encourage interaction, experimentation, and exploration, transforming passive visits into active engagements. This not only enhances enjoyment but also ensures lasting memories. Immersive exhibits may utilise AR, VR, and interactive installations to surround attendees in captivating environments, transporting them to alternate realities and significantly enhancing brand experiences. Additionally, innovative exhibits demonstrate a brand’s dedication to cutting-edge technology and forward-thinking strategies. By incorporating immersive interactions, brands can create a captivating wow factor that leaves a lasting impression on attendees, showcasing their commitment to innovation.

The future of experiential exhibit spaces is characterised by immersive technologies like VR and AR, personalised engagements, and seamless transitions between physical and digital realms. Best practices include designing cohesive narratives, encouraging active participation through interactive installations and gamification and leveraging social media for extended reach. Measuring ROI involves traditional metrics like foot fall as well as social media sharing and post-event surveys to assess brand perception and recall. Ultimately, success lies in creating memorable experiences that forge deep connections with audiences while delivering tangible value to brands.

Experiential marketing often faces misconceptions that it’s solely about flashy events or stunts, but its core lies in creating immersive brand experiences. Best practices emphasise authenticity, relevance, and emotional resonance to forge genuine connections with audiences. By focusing on understanding customer interests, preferences, and pain points, brands can craft memorable experiences that resonate on a personal level, nurturing lasting relationships and loyalty. Integrating storytelling, interactive elements, and sensory engagement can further enhance the impact, ensuring that each instance leaves a lasting impression and encourages a strong bond between brand and audience.

At the heart of crafting captivating technology conferences is the ability to drive audience engagement through innovative experiences. By seamlessly integrating interactive sessions, hands-on sessions, and cutting-edge demos, these events transcend traditional boundaries, sparking curiosity and collaboration among attendees. Whether through immersive VR showcases, live competitions, or dynamic panel discussions featuring industry trailblazers, the aim is to ignite inspiration and collaboration, transforming each conference into an unforgettable journey of discovery and advancement in the ever evolving world of technology.

Embracing a bold stance on event sustainability demands a concerted effort to minimise environmental footprint. This entails implementing practices such as waste reduction, carbon offsetting, and sourcing locally to reduce transportation emissions. By prioritising eco-conscious decisions in event planning, we not only demonstrate our commitment to environmental stewardship but also inspire others to follow suit, adopting a culture of sustainability within the events industry.

Experiential marketing continues to evolve, facing several pain points such as audience engagement, ROI measurement, budget constraints, and scalability. To address these challenges, future strategies must embrace technological advancements like AR/VR and AI to create immersive, personalised experiences. Additionally, hybrid events that blend physical and digital elements figure in reaching wider audiences. Sustainability will also play a crucial role, as reducing exhibit waste is increasingly important. This can be achieved by using eco-friendly materials, digital alternatives to printed materials, and robust waste management practices, including recycling and repurposing. Collaborating with suppliers who prioritise green practices further supports sustainability efforts. By tackling these pain points and integrating innovative strategies, businesses can create impactful and environmentally responsible experiential marketing campaigns.

Organisations can drive innovation by cultivating a culture that values and encourages creativity, risk-taking, and collaboration. Providing employees with the autonomy to explore ideas, experiment with new approaches, and learn from failures develops an environment where innovation can thrive. Additionally, investing in continuous learning and development opportunities, promoting diverse teams, and creating channels for open communication and idea-sharing can further empower individuals to drive innovation within the organisation.

Today, companies navigate the delicate balance of crafting cohesive narratives across diverse marketing platforms while maintaining the authenticity integral to their brands. Through careful alignment of messaging, visuals, and values, they weave narratives that resonate with audiences across channels, from social media to traditional advertising. By prioritising transparency and sincerity, they create trust and connection, ensuring that every story they tell reflects the essence of their brand, developing lasting relationships with customers in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Agency leaders can grow team development and strategic partnerships by nurturing a culture of collaboration and innovation, encouraging open communication, and providing opportunities for skill enhancement and leadership development. By aligning team goals with the agency’s overarching vision and values, leaders can inspire a sense of purpose and commitment among team members. Additionally, forging strategic partnerships with complementary organisations can expand market reach, enhance capabilities, and drive growth through shared resources and expertise, ultimately positioning the agency for long-term success in a competitive landscape.

Harnessing theatrical creativity for more inclusive and engaging events, starts by embracing diversity in casting, themes, and perspectives. Encourage collaboration among participants to co-create narratives that resonate with a wide audience. Incorporate interactive elements like immersive spaces or participatory storytelling to invite active engagement from attendees. Foster a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels valued and heard, ensuring representation both on stage and behind the scenes. By prioritising inclusivity and creativity, events can become powerful platforms for connection and understanding.

So, why are events everything?

Experiential events have become the cornerstone of modern marketing strategies. They offer unparalleled opportunities for immersive engagement, emotional connection, brand differentiation, real-time feedback, and social media amplification. Likewise, they enhance employee engagement, creating a holistic impact on the brand’s ecosystem.

As brands continue to navigate the complexities of a digitally driven market, those who invest in creating meaningful, memorable experiences will find themselves not just surviving, but thriving. The future of marketing lies in the power of experience, and those who continue to harness it will lead the way.

Events are here to stay.

Hayley Smith | Global Client Services Director

I left University with an event management degree from Bournemouth. It was the Uni’s debut year of the course and for me, the beginning of many firsts I’d like to share with anyone thinking of a career in events.

In college, the travel & tourism course had an event management module. I set up a casino night in Henley Town Hall and realised I’d found my niche. I excel at direction, apparently 🙂 and when the Bournemouth event management course launched, I knew I couldn’t ignore the opportunity.

Event courses were known as the party planning degree and only three universities offered the degree at the time, all offering little on the production and management side. I wanted to ensure that I had a commercial focus to the degree and would recommend to anyone looking to get into events to take a look at the syllabus and make sure it offers the skill-set you need.  

Out of uni, glossy degree in hand, I went straight to an events company that specialised in defence and aerospace. The agency was niche, creating conferences and exhibitions in partnership with global defence forces from Malaysia to the US and Saudi Arabia. This was my next learning curve and supports my next piece of advice to anyone looking for a career in events; try to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone. You don’t know what you can achieve until you try. That’s what I realised, presenting to Heads of Defence in my early twenties, that most things are possible if you just give them a go. 

At the time, I was tasked with the organisation and strategy of bringing events to different regions to support their latest tenders and requirements. For example, when the Royal Malaysian Air Force were looking for their next generation fighter we knew that events in this region would be well placed to support companies such as BAE, SAAB, Lockheed Martin & Boeing with their bid strategies. I remember sitting in front of the Chief of the Malaysian Navy at the age of 25 and pitching event opportunities for their region! Sometimes I look back and smile at how fearless I was; I’d only been at the agency a few weeks when I had to find the right speakers for conferences and ended up on a call to Nasa!

After 6 years I left as Head of Events and started working for 2Heads in 2016. What attracted me when I was interviewed was the clear career path and the aligned clients. I was also given the choice of going client side or project side? This is an important consideration when planning your career in events as both worlds have their pros and cons. For me, I chose the client side because I wanted a greater breadth of understanding around how brands work and my skills suited a commercial growth mindsight. I also didn’t want to travel quite as much as I used to 🙂

This piece of advice I can not stress enough; really think about what element of event management you actually enjoy. For me, I found the business-led helicopter thinking fascinating and my interest lies more in the overall success of the events. Knowing that, Paul, our MD, guided me on how to manage contracts of growing size from Taj Hotels, AIR BP, Flight Safety and Pilatus through to 328, now Deutsche Aircraft. 

One of my first new business wins at 2Heads was for the Rolls-Royce global show programme. The pitch was different to anything I’d worked on before and marked a change in the industry for me. Rolls-Royce didn’t just make their decisions on creative but on who we are as a business, how we run a supply chain and how we manage risk. This is ‘events’ at their most serious and reflect their importance to a brand’s success. 

For me, the importance of events to international industry is one of the things I love. The Rolls-Royce win was a game-changer for 2Heads. The account cemented us as an agency to reckon with in our peer’s eyes and laid the groundwork for the agency to scale up to manage a global account like Airbus. In 2018, we won Airbus’ environment at HAI Heli Expo in Las Vegas, our largest scale win to date and a left-field decision from Airbus, but taken because they loved our creative and our team.

In 2018 and after delivering HAI, my first son Arlo was born followed by my second son Bowie in March 2021. It can be hard to be in events as a mum as the industry is not 9 to 5. Global clients have global timescales and you are always ‘on’ – juggling guilt of not being there and the worry about work. Luckily the industry is more accepting now and flexible working has been life-changing; being able to be present and pick your kid up from school has made the events industry far more attractive option to female professionals. Another piece of advice; the multi-tasking of events actually suits a working parent as it leans into strengths; we are more efficient and cut-throat on time management!

Our relationship with Airbus was evolving before the pandemic but our focus on how we reacted to showcase technology during the covid years became a turning point with our Airbus relationship. 2021 was the big turning point with our first pavilion in Dubai, and then onto the Farnborough International Airshow event. The home show for 2Heads and a compelling win for the team. How to handle the pressure? The Airbus presence at FIA came with a lot of responsibility, we had a very strong Airbus team but this event was commercially important for all parties involved. My advice; mitigate risk as soon as you can, plan for commercial success and have a strategy for problem solving on site. 

The planning paid off and FIA 2022 was iconic but so was the heatwave we had to build it in! It was amazing. A pinnacle of my career to date and it showed all the naysayers that we could smash it. The main thing though was the success for Airbus, which paved the road to Paris Air show, Airbus’ home. Stakes were again high but we had all the learnings from FIA that we could migrate to make the PAS event even more successful. And what are those secrets to success? More digital thinking is needed in events, with bespoke technology that goes beyond gimmicks. And more brand experience linked to commercial thinking; all brands have a growth cycle and comms team really do want to recognise what events bring success for them so work with them as partners to invest in what generates ROI. 

So what’s next? We are a top agency in aviation. We are extending contracts for our existing brand portfolio and are now working with some amazing new brands like Qatar Airways. So now it’s time for nurture. My focus is on teams and talent within the business. We are a leader in this area and we have such a breadth of knowledge we can use to train up the next generation of fresh talent from placement, unis and colleges. This nurturing also brings in new ways of working, communicating and efficiencies with technology and processes. 

I’m actively building a team based on eager people who want to pivot into events, either from college, university or other industries. For anyone thinking of joining the event and experiential industry, don’t ever doubt yourself.  Be brave, you will learn on the job, and of course check out our job opportunities on our website. 

About Hayley

Hayley is our Global Client Services Director, responsible for the account directors across our international offices. An expert in commercial event strategy, Hayley is also the key stakeholder for the our aviation industry brands. Partnering with brands like Airbus and Qatar Airways, she has been responsible for creating some of the most standout and award-winning events and experience of recent years.

From U2’s mind-bending residency at the Sphere – to the Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix and Super Bowl LVIII – Las Vegas is pulling out all the stops as the location of choice for the world’s greatest events. Senior Account Director & Head of the 2Heads Canada Office, Nadine Susel visits this heart of entertainment and asks, ‘why Las Vegas?’

Vegas Baby! Without fail I’ve found myself in Sin City at least once a year for longer than I care to admit. The lights, the sights – like so many I have a special place in my heart for this wild desert oasis.

It’s impossible to ignore Las Vegas’ resurgence over the past year. She’s a city committed to staying attractive and relevant in a time when influencer reviews can make or break a brand overnight. But then what exactly do brands have to gain by activating in Las Vegas?

The Sphere

“The Sphere? Didn’t notice it when we landed” – said no one! The largest spherical building in the world is unmissable, even in a crowded Vegas skyline. I had the bucket-list worthy honour of seeing U2:UV Achtung Baby Live in October and yes, the completely immersive visuals (coupled with exceptional sound quality) have forever changed my expectations of live entertainment. The exterior of the Sphere immediately became a must-have for major brand takeovers – Netflix, Coca-Cola and Xbox to name just a few! During their AU23 conference, software giant Autodesk joined forces with Marvel Studios to use the Sphere and nearby rooftop for a truly out-of-this-world movie promo. Having been onsite for AU23, I have to say the buzz for keynote speaker (and fellow Canadian) Ryan Reynolds, combined with the Sphere takeover, was the talk of the town!

The Super Bowl

The Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix was the fifth North American race in the 2023 season – further validation that the sport is enjoying massive growth and visibility this side of the pond. As an F1 fan myself, (yes it was Drive to Survive that turned me,) I couldn’t pass on the opportunity to see this one in person. The sheer logistical lift of transforming the Strip into a 200-mph straightaway while maintaining crowd flow and transportation would send any event person into a cold sweat. (Of excitement? Terror? You decide).

In the days leading up to that infamous Saturday night, Vegas was all in on F1. Love it or hate it – the Opening Ceremony showcased the sizzle of Sin City with hotels rolling out the red carpet for private viewing events and each property competing for attention in a cacophony of A-list celebrity talent. I was lucky enough to be invited by one of our local Montreal partners to watch the race from Caesar’s Palace. Witnessing Verstappen’s dominance while enjoying caviar blinis in great company from the rooftop made famous by the Hangover? Only in Vegas.

Las Vegas Grand Prix

Taylor Swift’s race around the world to witness her beau and the Kansas City Chiefs’ victory over the 49ers brought all eyes back to Vegas this past February. In a city built for hosting, Vegas went all in on hospitality lounges, pre-game brand activations and epic after parties. Allegiant Stadium offered outrageously expensive sponsorship packages to brands who were more than happy to shell out seven-figures to be close to the action. Did anyone miss Usher’s halftime performance? If you did, I’m sure you caught up on social media after frantically googling if Beyoncé’s Verizon ad truly was an album teaser.

Similar to the Las Vegas Grand Prix, the Super Bowl took place in the heart of the city. This gave brands the Blank Space to create their ultimate fan Love Story – a captive audience committed to engaging with brands beyond their Wildest Dreams. OK! But in all seriousness the Super Bowl is a master class in timing; providing companies with the flexibility to create a branded environment in downtown Las Vegas, one that amplifies both your social media and media campaigns; that’s a win every time.

Consumer Electronic Show

Last stop on my Vegas year in review: CES – the proving ground for breakthrough technologies and global innovators. Based exclusively in the Las Vegas Convention Center since 2008, there is something about the energy and excitement of CES that truly makes it the most powerful tech event in the world. When the serious business of innovating leans in to the scale and showmanship of Las Vegas, the industry has a chance to let it’s hair down! It’s a show I take massive inspiration from, noting the design and guest engagement trends I want to discuss with our clients, all while getting my steps in.

To share a few of those notes: this year the Sphere’s influence was apparent, with many brands opting for large scale high-resolution bespoke content – purposefully designed to create stunning optical illusions (or trompe-l’œil as we say in French.)

Brands like Google focused on a personalized end-to-end guest experience, relying on exceptional brand ambassadors and detailed set design to create unique fan engagement zones.

The biggest and best surprise for me at CES this year (no I’m not going to say AI) was how media and entertainment brands showed up in a huge way. Disney held it’s annual Tech & Data Showcase during the show, and Netflix created an exclusive immersive theatre trailer for 3 Body Problem complete with replica headsets from the show. Watch this space for what I am sure will be an even bigger presence in 2025.

But Nadine, what exactly do brands have to gain by activating in Vegas?

The answer is simple: attention – and lots of it!

Las Vegas has taken all of the drama, performance and excitement that she has – and offered it as a stage to the world. Whether you’re a brand looking to push the boundaries of entertainment, create brand worlds that fans love, or amplify all of the above via a multi-channel multi-million dollar campaign – Vegas has everything you need to make it happen in a big way. Personally I can’t wait to see what’s next – and I hope to see you there!

Nadine xoxo

2Heads and De Beers Group land important win at this year’s BizBash Event Experience Awards

BizBash is the world’s leading resource for meeting and event professionals looking to stay up-to-date on the latest industry news, get inspired, learn something new, and expand their network.

BizBash is fueled by the event planners, meeting planners, vendors, suppliers, business owners, PR professionals, and aspiring industry leaders who read its content. Aside from an average monthly readership of 500,000, the BizBash mission is to help its audience produce smarter meetings and events — and every year the BizBash Event Experience Awards recognise and celebrate those brands and agencies at the cutting edge of brand experience and events.

2Heads were thrilled to receive two nominations this year for the De Beers Group whose pioneering work in sustainability was nominated for both Best Trade/Consumer Show and Best Sustainability/ Corporate Social Responsibility Program.

Landing the important win for Best Sustainability/ Corporate Social Responsibility in 7th February’s online ceremony, cements De Beers as industry leaders in pushing the boundaries of sustainability and making a positive impact on our planet. ????????

‘Best experience in the show and everything is sustainable! The cork flooring is natural and no trees were damaged. The paint on the walls is 100% natural… So when we talk about building forever, we talk about making sure it influences every decision we make.’

David Prager | Chief Brand Officer | De Beers Group

Read about the BizBash Experience Awards and take a look at the complete list of honorees here.

With possibly the most anticipated awards season ever returning this year, 2Heads turned their eyes to the red carpet to see which organiser delivered the best experience. As a top experiential marketing agency, we’re always looking for inspiration and influence, and nothing brings the glitz more than the awards. Here we discuss the celebs and experiences who owned their moment best.

The Golden Globes

After 118 days on the picket lines, the SAG AFTRA strike came to an end in November 2023 with a well-deserved win for the actors. The Golden Globes on the 7th January was the first big award ceremony to land since the strike ended and a perfect opportunity for them to launch their rebrand following their break from NBC.

Pre-event hype concentrated on how the insitution has changed with an expanded, diversified voting body. Some of these adjustments were welcome, even overdue; but how did they keep the annual celebrity extravaganza fun? The host Jo Koy didn’t have quite the satiricial edge of previous host Ricky Gervais but highlights included Robert Downey Jr’s wry speech, the enthuasism of Jon Batiste and Andra Day’s pairing and of course the added glitter of Taylor Swift in the room. One thing to change for next year however might be the design of that overlarge stage.

SAG Awards

Fast foward three days and the Screen Actors Guild Awards were a different affair. Less efficiency and more exuburance than the Globes, the SAG awards embraced a more relaxed attitude. Organizers set the tone as a reunion almost; a chance to celebrate after spending much of last year on the picket line. Last year, every actor who prevailed at SAG went on to win an Oscar so the guild’s votes were the main talk of the town, though for us as an agency, the highlight of the event were Silent House Productions who provided the slick production behind the SAG’s first live-stream on Netflix.

75th Primetime Emmy Awards

Let’s move on from award vibes and look at after-parties! None of which had more of vibe than those cocooning this year’s Emmy awards. TV’s biggest night took place four months late, leaving brands ample time to get planning. Activations abound with our favourite invite only parties including Disney’s chic winter sanctuary-inspired fete and HBO | Max’s eclectic bungalow bash. 

Disney’s “Après Fête”-themed after-party, held at Otium in Downtown Los Angeles drew inspiration from the chic ambiance of an East Coast boutique mingled with West Coast wine country using a palette of rich leathers, woods, layered textiles. HBO | Max’s Bungalow embraced more of a White Lotus vibe where guests were handed a map of the unique F&B pop-ups and entertainment moments—including performances from DJ Este Haim.

Sundance Film Festival

You can always rely on the Sundance Film Festival to have its finger on the cultural pulse. This year, the world’s biggest indy film fete started to see a return to the pre-covid sales frenzy. Successful screenings included movies like “Super/Man: The Christopher Reeve Story” and “Will & Harper”which received an emotional standing ovation, while “A Real Pain” scored multimillion-dollar deals. Sundance is back to its exciting ways and hopefully sets the tone for this year’s screenings from LA to London.

66th Annual Grammy Awards

Moving into February, the vibe for the Grammy’s was all about record-breaking. From Taylor Swift’s fourth best album win to Billie Eilish’s 2nd Song of the Year Trophy, one stand out moment for us was Miley Cyrus’s impromptu sing-along and endearingly ‘real’ award acceptance. Loud and proud was also the theme for the awards activations, from the Recording Academy’s eclectic music festival to Mastercards fully planted secret garden and the Black Music Collective’s multi-demensional LED tunnel, this year was all about Gucci disco ball ceilings and giant branded boomboxes!

What’s next on the horizon? We’re looking forward to the BAFTA’s in the UK on the 18th February and of course, the 96th Academy Awards on the 10th March. Closing out the season, this year’s Oscars promise to be the most-watched yet, and we’ll be there celebrating with Disney Advertising Sales.

2Heads wins a place for the 2nd year on EventMarketer’s Top 100 Agency List, recognising the best event agencies serving the experiential industry.

We’re delighted to announce that for the second year in a row, 2Heads has made the Event Marketer’s It List as one of the top 100 agencies driving the experiential marketing industry forward.

Beyond celebrating our 40th year as an independent agency, 2Heads, known for harnessing the power of experiential marketing, were singled out by the judges for delivering a host of award-winning experiences.

2022-23 saw 2Heads develop interactive themed entertainment for Legoland, throw stunning parties for Disney and form partnerships with new clients De Beers and Sega. The Sega @ Anime expo was a big moment for us, collaborating with the iconic gaming brand at one of the fastest growing events in North America.

The editors of Event Marketer magazine, look for creativity and results when presenting their annual special report. Another special nod was given to our ongoing work in sustainability and the creation of eco-conscious events.

The IT List recognises the top 100 event marketing agencies worldwide, differentiated by their services, creativity, evolution and, importantly, results.

Click here for the full 2023 Top 100 IT List.

2Heads are thrilled to welcome more six new recruits to the family, each one bringing their own creativity and personality to the team.

2Heads welcomes new joiners to both the London and North American arms of the agency as their unprecedented growth continues through 2023.

Being a creative agency, 2Heads love bringing people on board to help give us a fresh perspective on our work. Let’s meet our fabulous new team members:

Zheheng Lai – Experiential Designer, LA

Introducing Zheheng, our newest LA team member! With a background in architectural design, exhibition, marketing, and brand design, Zheheng brings a fresh perspective to our creative family. Zheheng is also the owner of two Shiba Inu pups! Here at 2Heads we’re all about the doggos!

Daniel Manning – Project Manager, London

We are thrilled to welcome Daniel to the 2Heads family! With a remarkable 15 years of experience in the events industry, he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. But that’s not all! Daniel’s passion for making a positive impact extends far beyond event management. He is actively involved in local charity work, particularly focusing on the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. We’re very excited to have Daniel has part of the team. 

Ehsaan Mesghali – Creative Director, LA

Introducing our new North America Creative Director, Ehsaan, who’s bringing his exceptional expertise to our team in LA! With years of experience collaborating with some of the world’s most renowned brands, he’s a true visionary in the industry. Ehsaan is also a proud member of Farhang Foundation’s Fine Arts Council, helping promote Iranian heritage through partnerships with established cultural institutions across the greater Los Angeles region.

Scott Turner – CAD, London

With an impressive 19 years of experience in 2D CAD, 3D visualization, and art working, Scott is a true master of design. We’re beyond excited to have his expertise onboard! Scott cannot wait to get creative and work with the team!

Daniel Warwick – Creative Producer, London

Daniel Warwick has a diverse range of experience. From working on a year-long build for a interactive installation in LA to leading a team in the live re-creation of Battle of Trafalgar presented in front of the Royals, Daniel comes to us with a very specific task on one of our most unique and exciting projects. We can’t wait to see the end results, we know for sure that Daniel will not disappoint. Did you know that Daniel has also been part of a band for 12 years? We will definitely need front row seats for his next show!

Ammon Ilgan – Project Manager US

Ammon joins our LA team and brings with him a wealth of experience in field marketing, production and project management for experiential marketing agencies. Ammon previously worked on campaigns with State Farm, Uber Eats and LA Rams, and is looking forward to his life with 2Heads, being able to collaborate with creative minds to bring fun and exciting projects to life! Not only multi-talented, Ammon is multi-lingual, speaking English, Tagalog (Filipino), and Spanish.

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2Heads and Bombardier win at the EN Marketing Awards debut in London, adding to the roster of wins for their brand experience at EBACE

The team at 2Heads were thrilled to win another award for Bombardier’s visionary brand experience at EBACE ’22. Picking up the gong for Best Digital Innovation at this year’s EN Marketing Awards, this honour makes it five wins for the Bombardier event which merged anamorphic 3D content with an eco-concious environment to create a 360 degree experience.

Gathered with a glittering array of peers at the De Vere Connaught Rooms in London, our work with Bombardier was also nominated for Best Use of Creative/Brand alongside Disney whose D23 Expo for Disney Bundle+ was nominated for Best B2C Campaign. A proud moment for us as the Gala Dinner on the 13th February celebrated the first ever EN Marketing Awards.

The success behind Bombardier’s brand experience at EBACE ’22, an important aviation event which launched the new Global 8000 business jet, is notably due to the event’s eco-concious credentials. The sustainably sourced and recycled materials used also earned the experience a Highly Commended Award from The Drum Magazine Experience Awards for Best Sustainable Event. The Drum Experience Award judges also nominated Disney again for Best Large Scale Event.

The judges at Eventmarketer also found much to love in how 2Heads utilised showstopping digital content to narrate Bombardier’s vision for a sustainble aviation agency, awarding our partnership with an Experience Design and Technology Award for Best Exhibit Design. Bombardier recieved the highest accolade with a Gold award.