Sustainability Solutions Showcased

BLOG | 11 December 2023

November had a distinctly eco-conscious theme in 2023, with a series of thought-leading conferences around London and the rest of the world. With an eye on creating sustainability strategies for 2024, conversations at both the The Sustainable Events Show and Event Sustainability Live varied from how to improve carbon reporting to how sustainability creates growth opportunities.

Our Global CGO took to the stage at Event Sustainability Live to discuss the solutions that are changing the face of event sustainability. The insightful session covered everything from energy options at live events to how partnerships influence internal stakeholders into embracing change. The live session is available below:

On the other side of London, our Design Director Lisa Hill took part in the ‘Material Girl’ masterclass, a female-led discussion that closed The Sustainable Events show. Evolving what is already known on eco-conscious material choice, the team talked about where to go next as designers, from being creative with repurposing furniture to exploring the positives of biophilia and living walls in event spaces. Our top ten takeaways from the shows are:

If you would like to join a complimentary SOS Lab or find out more about our work producing sustainable events and exhibitions, drop us a line: