Solving your Sustainability Questions

BLOG | 7 March 2024

Solving Sustainability; 2Heads review and showcase some of the innovative companies that help you make a difference.

Trees 4 Travel – A New Era of Mindful Travel Technology

We have all been there. The carbon cost of an event has been carefully tallied, considered and reduced where possible. Then someone (rightly) asks about the cost of travel for delegates. What if there was a United Nations (CER) certified company that focused on just that?

Meet Trees4Travel! An award winning environmental ‘Tech For Good’ company that works with the world’s main travel brand in the business & leisure sectors to provide FREE carbon management technology to calculate & help reduce emissions impact. What we love is how Trees4Travel use a simple way to make positive climate contributions through direct integrations into booking systems, API or simple file uploads. They help educate in-house event teams & provide the necessary transitionary tools to get us all, brands, agency and contractors, to our net zero targets in the future – making travel & events more ethical & more sustainable.

Not Your Every Day – Beautiful, Sustainable Furniture for Your Creative Spaces.

Our Creative Team are always looking for sustainability with substance, whether they are designing networking spaces for the De Beers Group or the VIP suites for Bombardier. A recent favourite, Not Your Every Day, create amazing furniture that is either plant-based, biological, biodegradable, and recyclable. Their range of sustainable furniture includes pieces produced entirely from post-consumer plastic waste, some made from hemp, used cooking oil, reclaimed fishing nets and even used Carlsberg kegs.

Not only is their furniture beautiful to the eye, Not Your Every Day is sustainable from start to finish. From the pallet wrap they use, the protective coverings on their furniture, to the electricity that powers their building and cars, they’re committed to ensuring every detail is considered throughout their business. What we love is their refusal to box tick and their desire to create the world’s most sustainably produced furniture, without ever compromising on design.

GreenCollect – Helps you put the Circular Economy into Action

We would all like to live in a world without waste. For those of us in the events and experience industry, the generation of waste is a challenge we are constantly facing and it’s great to see some companies out there actively rising to the challenge with organisational solutions.

Green Collect are specialists in finding the best environmental outcome for a wide variety of surplus and discarded items. They focus on innovative solutions to the problem of waste, and are dedicated to keeping office items out of landfill, keeping them in the circular economy through reuse, repurpose, and by dismantling into materials. We love how Green Collect ensure that resources are used to their full potential, finding ways to reuse items in the community or make them into other products.

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