Reimagining a classic @ MIPCOM

LIVE | Disney

Disney set the experience bar high in Cannes.

 When Disney challenged us to completely reinvent their presence at MIPCOM, we responded with a full creative rework that placed Disney’s world-changing content at the heart of their pavilion. More than just a sophisticated redesign, we needed to full reimagine Disney presence at the Palais with a modern media studio that took guests from the past to the present and into the future.

The Brief | An Environment for Collaboration

Moving away from corporate structures, we designed a collaborative environment that placed people within Disneys’ stories. The environment used subtle yet directional architecture to foster collaboration and highlight Disney’s ninety years of content in a way that refocused attention. By infusing colour with texture, we created an atmosphere that asked visitors to touch and engage wherever they went.

The Solution | A New Approach to MIPCOM

The Disney Pavilion was not designed to a theme, but to the human-centric experience celebrating the two components of content and collaboration. Content was explored through an incredible array of titles displayed for the audience and each urban zone was designed with collaboration in mind. Smart layouts, targeted activations and individual user journeys were designed for every space so visitors could explore the sheer breadth and scale of Disney’s offering.

The Results | Recreating Joy.

We created an experience that magnified the world’s largest collection of content available and explored the possibilities of working within the Disney media ecosystem. For us, it was about recreating the joy of Disney first experienced as a child and the doors that were opened to new worlds through their films and tv programmes. From flowered roofs to after-parties that stretched into the early hours of the morning, the Disney pavilion at MIPCOM was all about escapism and enjoyment. An experience no one would forget.