Our Mission
on Sustainability

2Heads is passionate about delivering sustainably designed, carefully measured brand experience events. While the responsibility to improve the impact of the events industry belongs with all of us, we are leading the way with some pioneering clients.

Our Commitment

We are committed to responsible environmental operations and event planning and as such commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste across both our operational activities and our client event deliveries.



We guide clients to consider the full ecosystem that affects the carbon impact of their events, collaborating together to create well considered, sustainable event briefs.


Our design approach is based in the circular economy framework, using the principles of eliminating waste and pollution from the outset, keeping products and materials in use and recycling wherever we can.


By minimising material use and selecting materials with a lower, or even beneficial impact on the environment we can create better solutions for clients and more importantly the planet.


Our measurement approach enables us to calculate the carbon impact of projects in real time, providing meaningful data in order to recalibrate projects and provide offset targets.


First we aim to reduce our impact, eliminating energy and material use from the outset.

What can’t be reduced is designed for re-use, disassembly or reconfiguration.

What can’t be re-used, we ensure is recycled.

Case Studies

Sos Lab

We are passionate about building a more sustainable events industry which is why we’re offering free consultancy through our ‘Serious on Sustainability’ workshops for any client company that shares our mission. Apply within…

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