Farnborough International Airshow

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2Heads were proud to partner with the world’s leading aviation and defence brands as the world’s tier one aviation event, Farnborough International Show, returned in 2022 after a four year haitus.

Standing alongside Paris Airshow as the largest aerospace and defence shows in the world, Farnborough International Airshow, or FIA as it is known, was the dominant aviation event for 2022 and the word on the lips of every single aeropsace giant who returned to the famous airfield with keen anticipation. 2Heads were proud to extend our credentials in experiential markerting by partnering with Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Deutsche Aircraft, CAE and QinetiQ on the design and creation of nine beautiful chalets, booths and pavillions.

Returning to Farnborough

As a predominately trade show, closed to the public for all but the STEM day on Friday, FIA’ 22 drew together over 10,000 military and government personnel, 100,000 industry professionals and a further 3,500 journalists to celebrate its long awaited return after closures and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

As professionals gather for the latest in aviation announcements and sales figures, FIA is an event that cannot be missed; an AGM for aerospace where leading figures from each company meet to discuss the future. The experience of each delegate is of upmost importance to each one of our brands, and improving this experience is the over-arching objective of every design.

2Heads focused on the individual delegate journey for each of our five brands so that every experience; from greeting, meeting and presentation were reflective of the company brand. Through creative receptions, immersive tech spaces and networking lounges, we created a welcoming, familiar comfort that reflected our client’s brand values and encouraged business with their peers.

Airbus Pavilion and Experience Tent

QinetiQ & Deutsche Aircraft

Beautiful B2B Environments

2Heads created a series of individual B2B environments that provided an experience uniquely tailored to each brand. Through intelligent design, 2Heads ensured that quality and capability was sewn into the fabric of the experience and worked logistically. Through digital innovations such as full height motion-graphics and 3D anamorphic receptions, we created intrigue and excitement rare at a closed door event. Through careful planning and modular design, we were able to create all nine experiential sites under extreme time pressure whilst remaining true to our brand’s sustainability objectives.

Event Technology

Raytheon partnered with our meeting management tool EventHive VX to track all their sales data for the event and forecast for future shows. Fully-customised for the clients needs, EventHive VX provided real-time KPI’s and ensured that seamless client journey. From the immersive experience tent with Airbus to the power of the anamorphic reception at the Roll’s-Royce chalet, our brands embraced digital content as a vehicle for creative narrative.

Rolls-Royce & CAE

Industry Professionals
VIP Guests
EventHive Sync Meetings
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