Launching Vision 2050

VIRTUAL | World Business Council for Sustainable Development

WBCSD transition for the future.

The Brief | A sustainability driven virtual program

WBCSD wanted to transition a well-established program of live events to a sustainable-first virtual program without losing any of the equity their program has with its high-level membership. Wrapped around the planning and delivery of the events program was a communications strategy and various digital marketing and content deliverables, making for a wholly integrated program.

The largest events in the program and the ones with the highest expectations were Vision 2050 – the launch of WBCSD’s action plan for a world in which 9 billion people can live within planetary boundaries – and Liaison Delegate Meeting – a 4-day conference and council networking event.

Ultimately, with the transition to a sustainably driven virtual program, our key objective was to keep the energy and engagement of the live events and maximise the additional benefits of this model around increased reach, flexibility and cost efficiencies.


The Solution | Creative Content

2Heads were onboarded as WBCSD’s retained creative agency partner in January 2020 with the remit of event strategy, communications, digital marketing and virtual events and content production.  At the heart of the program was a bespoke WBCSD virtual events platform built upon the framework of 2Heads’ EventHive VX. We began the relationship with a consultancy phase, then worked with the client to collaboratively establish what was effective, what wasn’t and what should evolve to fit our new sustainable-first virtual format.  The output was a new look set of requirements for event communications and a reshaped brief for a TV-style approach to the format and content of flagship events.

Based on this revised comms brief, our creative team set to work building a new visual identity for WBCSD events that would be translated through email comms and the event website.  A more colloquial tone of voice was also developed which would help modernise the way they speak to their membership.  Our content team crafted a new style guide for branded content, stings and films and immediately began developing a hero film asset that would launch the first event – Vision 2050.

Virtual Platforms

A key driver for success was a unique online event experience.  Through a series of bespoke custom developments including multiple livestream players, amended breakout functionality and adapted platform branding, labelling and fonts, the WBCSD VX platform became a completely bespoke tool that would surprise and delight members.

Since our first encounter, 2Heads has felt like an extension of our events team. Their creativity and flexibility have been instrumental to our quest for continuous improvement in a world where virtual has become the new norm. Not only do they help us stand out with our events, but they never fall short of solutions in the most demanding of circumstances.

Marine Huter | Manager, Global Events | WBCSD

Results | Carbon Measurement

We measured the would-be carbon impact of the former live event program via the Stockholm Environment carbon offset calculator and donated the equivalent to one of Earthly’s green projects and are currently in planning for the 2021 program to deliver further comms and content work for the next series of events. 

Eight hundred plus guests from every one of the two hundred member companies and six hundred members of the public were invited from over seventy-seven countries to enjoy the three thousand, two hundred live sessions hosted. A resounding success, Vision 2020 enabled WBCSD to truly deliver against its sustainability agenda worldwide.

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