Belden and 2Heads lead the way in immersive brand experiences with the opening of the Bangalore Customer Innovation Center, their finale to a five CIC programme and showcasing the finest in tech-led product demonstrations.

Belden continues their leadership global innovation with the launch of their fifth Customer Innovation Center (CIC) in Bangalore, India. Designed and executed by 2Heads, the Bangalore CIC represents the very best in immersive technology-led experiences, perfect for a city that is known for its innovation, technology prowess, and design synergy; an ideal backdrop for such a transformative project. Here’s the highlights:

1 | Seamless Integration and Coordination: 

The installation aimed for cohesion, coordination, and a seamless integration of technology to create an immersive and dynamic space. The design vision was carefully curated to transform the mood of the space through Pixilab control interfaces, iPod touch triggers, and high-spec audio systems that included broad-ranging networked audio through Dante and 5.1 surround capabilities in the Infinity immersive room. 

2 | Innovative Programming: 

The programming of the space achieved unprecedented levels of sophistication and surpassed any brand space 2Heads have previously created. The anticipation surrounding the experience were palpable, as customers and partners encountered Belden content in an unexpected and delightful manner. The introduction sequence across various display techs was meticulously coordinated to reveal content through cues and triggers that seamlessly blended with the physical environment. 

3 | Validation Room Enhancement: 

The Validation Room featured high-spec Belden server racks, ingeniously representing each of Belden’s industry verticals. A transparent LED display, appearing triggered by touch, highlighted Belden’s solutions and surprised the audience during the inauguration. It was important that the integration of this interactive element seamlessly aligned with the overall show flow. 

4 | Infinity Dome Experience: 

The centerpiece of the installation was the Infinity Dome, a 270-degree projected surface that offered a unique brand experience. The carefully crafted visuals, coupled with surround sound, created a captivating environment and the triggered showpiece film left a lasting impression on every visitor by combining bespoke content design with immersion.

5 | Interactive City of the Future: 

In the subsequent phase, the experience moved to a clay model interpretation of the city of the future, emphasizing Belden’s vertical in Mass Transit. Interactive icons allowed users to make selections via the React app interface and pull content from the Belden global CMS. The narrative unfolded with looping 3D animations, augmented representations, and informative overlays connecting Belden technologies to the environment. 

6 | Technical Considerations: 

2Heads demonstrated a meticulous approach to technical specifications, audience numbers, and the desire for interactivity. The innovation team ensured that the content experience was not passive but actively engaged the audience and avoided discomfort in 3D peripheral content by creating a fixed perspective. 


The technology-led experiences at the Belden CIC in Bangalore stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of Belden and 2Heads. The groundbreaking result is an immersive, and interactive brand experience that captivates visitors and positions Belden as an industry leader in both innovation and technology. Setting a new standard for customer engagement in Belden’s global network through a successful fusion of technology, design, and storytelling.

2Heads partner with Legoland New York and Legoland South Korea to create the iconic Fire Academy ride.

When Merlin Entertainments announced the opening of two new theme parks, 2Heads were thrilled to partner with Legoland on the creation of a series of new rides for guests, including the flagship Fire Academy attraction.

The ninth and tenth Legoland’s consecutively, New York and South Korea boost the accolades of the largest and 2nd largest Legolands in the world with a combined 220 acres of themepark and over 5 million visitors every year. Launching in 2021 and 2022, 2Heads spent the last three years working on this important activation, from digital touchpoints to event technology.

The Brief | Reimagine a classic

The Legoland Fire Academy is a unique ride that’s become a Legoland classic. It allows families to race against each other in their own fire engines, aiming their fire hoses at a burning building to put out the flames.

Pumping a lever up and down, guests power their engine down a track towards the “burning” building, racing against the other fire engines. Once at the end of the track they disembark their engine, then the adults turn handles to pump water from their fire hydrants while the children aim water jets toward the building.

Historically guests pump water into a hole until a siren sounds. For their new theme parks, Legoland briefed 2Heads to create a more sensory immersion that brought togther the best in event technology from the experiential marketing world and repurposed for the enjoyment of Legoland’s younger clientele.

The Solution | Save the Lego family

Legoland Fire Academy is one of the more physical activities at Legoland, with the family working together to put the fire out and pump their fire engine back and forth from the Lego houses. But how to galvanise the families to race each other? A ‘burning building’ to put out and a family to save!

2Heads designed a series of digital windows for each house that depicts a happy Lego family at home. With storytelling at the heart of the immersion, we designed a system that billow smoke from the houses, the scent and sight urging guests to get there as quickly as possible.

Instead of firing hoses into a hole, children then aim at the protected digital screens, putting out the flames showing there, flames made of little lego blocks. Then the sirens sound and off they race.

As part of the experience design process, 2Heads experts worked collaboratively with the ride contractors on the best ways to showcase the content. The inspiration for the ride is to give children the chance to ride on their own fire engines and put out a blaze. We wanted to enhance this as much as possible to give families the thrill they deserve!

The Results | A Beating Heart of Content

Legoland New York and Legoland South Korea have opened to huge success with Fire Academy at the heart of LegoCity. Welcoming thousands of visitors a day, the Fire Academy has charmed parents and children alike as they save the Lego family!

New Resorts in South Korea and New York
Visitors per day

Fremantle returns to dominate the Palais des Festivals at MIPCOM, Cannes 2022.

Fremantle, the multinational television production and distribution company returned to MIPCOM with a flourish in 2022. With a host of fresh content to unveil, Fremantle returned to MIPCOM in Cannes, France; the world’s largest entertainment content market to meet with global decision makers, source international production partners and launch their content agenda for the coming year.

The Brief | Connect, Content and Celebrate

Fremantle challenged us to create a branded environment fit for their business delegates and VIP guests. From a busy schedule of daytime meetings to eventing parties and events, 2Heads were briefed to provide the MIPCOM presents a magical mix of networking events that created unlimited planned business opportunities from morning until night, all against the backdrop of the Cannes’ fabled Croisette on France’s Côte d’Azur.

The Solution | Celebrate Cannes

Celebrating the famous peaks of the Fremantle beachside tent, we created an experience that married big bold content touchpoints with wide open spaces that focused on the Cannes marina. Encouraging 1000+ guests over four days to visit a light, airy space to host a myriad of events, show launches and VIP parties on the sands.

From the Sunday drinks event to the Monday Night VIP red carpet night, Fremantle @ MIPCOM welcomed supermodel Cara Delevigne to launch her new show ‘Planet Sex,’ Brian Cox for the ‘Made of Money’ premiere and a host of other celebrities.

2Heads have partnered with Fremantle at MIPCOM, Cannes for over ten years, the highlight of which might well be the 2019 event where the signature tents of Fremantle on the beach played host to a variety of VIP talent whilst launching their fresh content.

Airbus are renowned as an industry leader who build the world’s premier commercial aircraft. Maintaining their reputation for technological innovation, Airbus place a lot of importance on Farnborough International Airshow (FIA); the tier-one aviation show which returned in 2022 after a significant four year hiatus.

Airbus’s brief to 2Heads was simple but significant; design, create and deliver a multi-building experience around their premier position next to the Farnborough runway. This included designing a fully integrated pavilion that would host guests including the Prime Minister in subtle luxury whilst displaying a new striking evolution of the Airbus brand.

The Brief

In addition to the Airbus Pavilion, 2Heads were briefed to provide a branded tent that would open into the hard standing outdoor experience, the beating heart of the Airbus presence. This area need to manage the outdoor static visitor flows, but also provide a suitable preamble to the experience beyond.

With a third environment in the form of public facing booth in the FIA Space Hall, Airbus required a multi-layered, consistent and branded concept that would display Airbus products in a modern and innovative way using the latest technologies and reflecting Airbus leadership in the aerospace industry. Each environment had to have a cohesive flow that created an experience journey for important delegates that focused minds on Airbus’s core values of integrity, creativity and reliability.

Airbus challenged 2Heads to develop all moving parts from raw surface whilst complying with Airbus image and quality standards. They expected a cost and time efficient solution for the assembly and dismantling the experiences, with sustainable constructions and concepts required and choice of materials linked to the aerospace industry if possible.

The Solution

Airbus is an international reference in the aerospace sector, known for the design and manufacture of industry-leading commercial aircraft, helicopters, satellites and launch vehicles, as well as providing data services, navigation other solutions on a global scale.

2Heads knew their creative solution had to reflect the scale of Airbus’s offering and use the very latest technologies to illustrate the benefits of Airbus products and services, while minimizing the environmental impact of the operation at FIA.

The Airbus Pavilion

2Heads designed the Pavilion to be the hub of the Airbus experience; a place where visitors were greeted to comfort and hospitality, a professional space where meetings and conversations could be held overlooking the runway and static display. The space had to be large enough to host a large number of visitors but designed in an intelligent way so to separate experiences for different press, civil and military delegations.

The Pavilion was a place for business, for serious conversations focused on the future of Airbus’s innovation. Delegate journeys were planned for the two floors to move guests from lounges to the correct meeting rooms, C-suite visitors to the right lounges and to provide a suite of facilities for the large number of press based at the pavilion. Constructed in 6 weeks, the Pavilion included twelve meeting rooms, lounge & bar areas, the Le Club Lounge, VIP Suites and CEO Lounge, a Press Suite including interview rooms and auditorium, and a air display terrace.

The Airbus Tent & Space Booth

Where the Pavilion focused on hospitality, interviews, announcements and networking, 2Heads designed the Airbus experience tent and Space Booth to bring Airbus innovations to life. The Tent consisted of eight immersive vignettes and models that guests walked through before reaching the static aircraft display. The flow of the tent was specifically designed as a ‘immersive reception’ that allow guests to absorb technological information before enjoying the open air space.

As Airbus’s strategy focuses on cutting-edge technologies, digital and scientific excellence, 2Heads used touch screen tech and augmented reality to explain the innovative projects that are shaping the way we live, travel and interact. At Airbus’s Space Zone, 2Heads designed a booth focused on cutting-edge space systems, including Skynet and the Aeolus weather satellite. Visitors to the stand were offered an augmented reality experience where Captain Aria show them how to reduce fuel burn and CO2 emissions today


Airbus at Farnborough International Show hosted many important dignitaries from the world over; most prominently the Prime Minister at the time, Boris Johnson and other UK government ministers.

The Airbus environment impressed crowds with their scale and prominence, and ensured that the eyes of leaders, executives, press and aviation fans alike were drawn to their aircraft.

Significant highlights include:

During Farnborough, Airbus published significant news about aircraft sales deals agreed and/or signed during the event. These included:-

2Heads were proud to partner with the world’s leading aviation and defence brands as the world’s tier one aviation event, Farnborough International Show, returned in 2022 after a four year haitus.

Standing alongside Paris Airshow as the largest aerospace and defence shows in the world, Farnborough International Airshow, or FIA as it is known, was the dominant aviation event for 2022 and the word on the lips of every single aeropsace giant who returned to the famous airfield with keen anticipation. 2Heads were proud to extend our credentials in experiential markerting by partnering with Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Deutsche Aircraft, CAE and QinetiQ on the design and creation of nine beautiful chalets, booths and pavillions.

Returning to Farnborough

As a predominately trade show, closed to the public for all but the STEM day on Friday, FIA’ 22 drew together over 10,000 military and government personnel, 100,000 industry professionals and a further 3,500 journalists to celebrate its long awaited return after closures and uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

As professionals gather for the latest in aviation announcements and sales figures, FIA is an event that cannot be missed; an AGM for aerospace where leading figures from each company meet to discuss the future. The experience of each delegate is of upmost importance to each one of our brands, and improving this experience is the over-arching objective of every design.

2Heads focused on the individual delegate journey for each of our five brands so that every experience; from greeting, meeting and presentation were reflective of the company brand. Through creative receptions, immersive tech spaces and networking lounges, we created a welcoming, familiar comfort that reflected our client’s brand values and encouraged business with their peers.

Airbus Pavilion and Experience Tent

QinetiQ & Deutsche Aircraft

Beautiful B2B Environments

2Heads created a series of individual B2B environments that provided an experience uniquely tailored to each brand. Through intelligent design, 2Heads ensured that quality and capability was sewn into the fabric of the experience and worked logistically. Through digital innovations such as full height motion-graphics and 3D anamorphic receptions, we created intrigue and excitement rare at a closed door event. Through careful planning and modular design, we were able to create all nine experiential sites under extreme time pressure whilst remaining true to our brand’s sustainability objectives.

Event Technology

Raytheon partnered with our meeting management tool EventHive VX to track all their sales data for the event and forecast for future shows. Fully-customised for the clients needs, EventHive VX provided real-time KPI’s and ensured that seamless client journey. From the immersive experience tent with Airbus to the power of the anamorphic reception at the Roll’s-Royce chalet, our brands embraced digital content as a vehicle for creative narrative.

Rolls-Royce & CAE

Industry Professionals
VIP Guests
EventHive Sync Meetings
  1. Airbus
  2. Rolls-Royce
  3. QinetiQ
  4. CAE
  5. Deutsche Aircraft
  6. Raytheon – EventHive Sync

Bombardier give a masterclass in sustainable and immersive brand experience.

Bombardier, the global leader in business jets, partnered with us for the twentieth year at EBACE 2022. As the annual meeting place for the European business aviation community, Bombardier chose EBACE for the grand unveiling of the both the brand new G8000, the fastest and furthest flying business jet in the world, and their vision for sustainable development of an under-pressure industry.  

Bombardier Sustainability Message o n EBACE Screens

The Brief | Push Experiential Brand Boundaries

Bombardier briefed us to craft an experiential space that could host an intimate plane launch, then be re-engineered overnight to invite the whole world to witness the technology and innovation behind the new G8000 business jet. Bombardier further challenged us to perpetuate interest and conversation with a switch-up to their environment that focused on Bombardier’s sustainable vision for the future.

The Solution | Digital Content takes Center Court

The Bombardier environment was a masterclass in problem solving. We designed an ergonomic environment that could be both intimate and private for Bombardier’s VVIP launch of the G8000, then opened up overnight to welcome guests and show attendees alike to experience all of the new Bombardier innovations.

Haloed above the environment, a 25 by 8-meter showstopper wall played host to a 2Heads created film sequence, moving from a visual immersion into Bombardier’s wellness features to a once an hour, on the hour ‘video event’ where a carefully crafted 3D reel wowed audiences worldwide.

To mirror Bombardier’s sustainable approach to future jet development, 2Heads also developed the whole environment with recycled materials built upon re-useable structures. 

The Results | A Show Stopper

Bombardier exist in a competitive market where at first glance the product ranges are similar and often described through engineering statistics. We wanted to give audiences worldwide a peek into what it would ‘feel’ like to experience the jet. We wanted to use physical demos to let people sit inside the plane, and wellness vignettes so they can understand the innovations on offer, not just hear about them.

With the content screens, we designed an experience that truly embodied Bombardier’s ethos of exceptional by design, where each and every detail was considered from both an aesthetic and practical point of view.

Playtech @ ICE 2020

Evolving the Partnership between Engagement & Sustainability

Bombardier’s launch of the G8000 and their unveiling of the Bombardier’s blueprint for sustainable development were considered an unparalleled success. For Bombardier, this was a significant gear change away from staid B2B environments that exist to sell a plane, to a brand showcase that made significant advancements in changing perceptions around their approach and identity.

Significant highlights include:

Belden lead the way in immersive brand experiences that embrace a cutting edge approach to product demonstration.

Belden, the global leader in transmission solutions, partnered with us to build a series of key Customer Innovation Centers worldwide, the first of which opened in Stuttgart, Germany. Following the very successful launch of the concept with the hybrid Grand Opening event in May 2021, work commenced to bring the rest of the vision to life.

Belden have a comprehensive product portfolio and have seen huge success in communicating the breadth of their offering through experiential marketing. Breaking down barriers through innovation is Belden’s ethos, and with 2Head’s help, the Stuttgart CIC used intelligent design, content and cutting-edge technology to showcase that ethos.

The Brief | Bring Innovation to Life

Belden briefed us to craft an experiential space that could showcase their innovative solutions; encourage collaboration and discussion, and host demostrations and talks with studio-quality surrondings. A beautiful space that resonated with brand style, the Customer Innovation Center (CIC) needed to be the backdrop for internationally streamed events; a showpiece that echoed the new direction of the brand and invited the whole world in to witness Belden’s technological advancements. Having created a virtual rendition of the CIC for the Grand Opening, Belden challenged us to ensure their physical CIC was just as inspirational and visually arresting.

The Solution | Product Immersion and Understanding

The Stuttgart Customer Innovation Center is an award-winning ergonomic environment that could be both intimate and private, and invitingly open for visitors to explore.

Each area of the CIC takes a varying approach to illustrate the benefits of the Belden network; how they are the experts on transmitting growing amounts of data, audio and video needed for today’s applications. 2Heads created film and digital sequences to visually immerse visitors in the possibilities.

The validation lab showcased technical expertise, the Inovation discovery wall showcases the Belden solution journey and the Belden cube showcased digital transformation. From technical consulting, project management to education and events, Belden now have a space that befits their cutting-edge approach.

A message from the CIC Leader: Belden’s portfolio of network products and the granular knowledge of disparate applications have been honed over more than a 100 years and we have brought these together in our new Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) where we engage with users and a variety of industry experts to provide customized solutions and services supporting future-ready networks. All the expertise you need in one place.

Ashish Chand | Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation | Belden
The Belden Cube

Belden’s hybrid CIC launch signals bright future for experiential marketing.

With the advent of the pandemic and a growing need for sustainable alternatives to air travel, consumer innovation centres are growing in popularity again. We were commissioned by Belden to build their physical centre in Stuttgart, Germany. Belden Inc, a global leader in high quality signal transmission solutions, have a comprehensive product portfolio they needed to market and we proposed a hybrid solution of digital and physical CIC spaces to allow their visitors experience a near parallel immersion into this portfolio and ethos.

Belden CEC Virtual Innovation Centre

The Brief | A Multilayered Approach

The Solution | A Virtual Grand Opening

We created and hosted a hybrid grand opening on our proprietary software EventHive VX that included experience design, production, augmented-reality, broadcasting, motion-graphics, streaming, networking and video content creation to:

The Results | A Tangible Return

Through game engine technology, 2Heads designed a version of the CIC that excited and enticed with creative elements not possible in real life. With delays to the launch of the physical CIC, Belden were able to launch their online version to a much wider audience via a grand opening ceremony held online via EventHive VX.

Our internal stakeholders were blown away by the new format and are already looking forward to the next one! The virtual event enabled us to access our key customers around the globe and kept them engaged throughout. The platform is really strong and complimented the Belden content and speakers perfectly, also allowing our audience to interact in a meaningful way

Ghislaine Burmeister | Marketing & Communications Manager | Belden

The Belden CIC launch enjoyed over 1000 VIP guests from sixty-one countries and hosted over 2,700 sessions. From this there was 13,000 direct interactions and the virtual CIC continues to receive an average of 200 visitors per day.

VIP Guests
Live Sessions
Direct Engagements
Social Media Impressions

BNP Paribas engage audiences with digital story.

SIBOS is the world’s premier financial services event, a mixture of conferencing, exhibitions and networking that travels around the globe every year to key locations. As the premier business forum for the global financial community, it was important for BNP Paribas, the world’s eight largest bank, had a suitable platform to express their values as ‘the bank for a changing world.’

BNP’s mission is to contribute to a responsible and sustainable economy by advising clients according to the highest ethical standards. This message was all-important to their presence at SIBOS with a particular focus on their partner, Kenyan based charity Ocean Sole. During an event which sees over 11,500 delegates network with 300 financial companies, BNP Paribas wanted a way to engage with their visitors that stood out from the normal methods of engagement. With Ocean Sole’s work at the forefront, BNP Paribas wanted an interactive technology to educate, engage and excite potential customers in an immersive way. 

The Brief

2Heads have been engaged by BNP Paribas for over 6 years to build on the success of past CSR (Corporate Sustainable Responsibility) social campaigns and experiences. With an increased appetite for digital interaction for this SIBOS event, 2Heads led weekly collaboration workshops with BNP Paribas’s internal marketing team to identify a clear strategy to create a community for actioning change around sustainability

The gamified solution was built around Ocean Sole’s mission to turn flip-flop ocean pollution into art. We developed the storyboards and built the gamification with key animal characters from the Ocean Sole story. This provided a ‘bridge’ from the global actions of BNP Paribas CSR to a tangible solution that a wider community could #bepartofthechange; the moto for the adjacent social media campaign.

The Solution

By playing on human traits and activating a sense of social competitiveness, the Ocean Sole Game engaged multiple visitors to interact. The game posed a problem and asked the visitor to find the solution through play.  By playing, the visitor was invited to action the same change empowered by BNP Paribas. The SIBOS and the financial services community were drawn in to see who could ‘be the best’ in clearing up the ocean which created a ripple effect around the event and on social media channels via the #beapartofthechange campaign.

The Results

The Ocean Sole game was extremely well received with the additional business outcome of 200 new delegate contacts gathered for BNP Paribas through the built-in database. Crucially, the digital experience dovetailed with their physical presence and drove an increase in sales pipeline and the creation of a meaningful brand experience that aligned with BNP Paribas’s corporate responsibility mission.

Rolls-Royce wows guests with digital immersion reception.

Rolls-Royce wanted to promote their ‘Pioneers of Power’ vision to key business stakeholders and decision makers at a tier one aviation event Paris Air Show. An important date in the Rolls-Royce show calendar, PAS draws together over 140,000 industry professionals, 3,500 journalists and 180,000 members of the public.

Rolls-Royce Digital Welcome Chalet – PAS 2019

The Brief | A Digital Welcome that Works

Rolls-Royce wished to focus their presence at PAS on their VIP guest’s journey and ensure every experience; from greeting, meeting and presentation was reflective of the company’s brand. We were chosen to provide a welcome that stood out, evocative of Rolls-Royce reputation as pioneers of the industry whilst still reflecting Rolls-Royces brand values as they conducted business with their peers.

The Solution | Showcasing the Future

We created a central digital experience to showcase the breadth of the Rolls-Royce portfolio to invited guests by way of a 360-degree welcome content canyon. Juxtaposition of different wall angles and additional hidden spaces with synchronised film created a full immersion experience that positioned Rolls-Royce as a world leading industrial technology company in a changing world.

The digital showcase of external façade and internal welcome activations incited visitors to linger. A fully digitalised reception consisting of ten separate ‘walls’ of LED screens told one cohesive story of Rolls-Royce’s product portfolio before taking viewers into Rolls-Royces’ vision for the future.  Through full height motion-graphics, we ensured the Rolls-Royce corporate narrative was demonstrated in a way that was tangible and interactive. The result was a high impact experience for delegates, disrupting the way chalets are normally presented at aviation events.

The Results | High Impact

The chalet was absolutely fantastic and I’ve had really positive feedback from a number of senior visitors. Suffice to say, people are already getting excited about what we might have up our sleeves for Dubai.

Simon Carlise | Strategy Director | Rolls-Royce

This ‘hybrid project’ combined the talents of our digital content team with the experience of our live team. Using virtual reality (VR) helped the internal team and client to visualise how the final experience would work and brought the space to life in an immersive preview.

Industry Professionals
VIP Guests
EventHive Sync Meetings

Rolls-Royce’s unique environment helped position them as a pioneering industrial technology company that invests in the future; an aviation giant that disrupts the norm and pushes for change via digital engagement.