Global Customer Innovation Centres

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Belden lead the way in immersive brand experiences that embrace a cutting edge approach to product demonstration.

Belden, the global leader in transmission solutions, partnered with us to build a series of key Customer Innovation Centers worldwide, the first of which opened in Stuttgart, Germany. Following the very successful launch of the concept with the hybrid Grand Opening event in May 2021, work commenced to bring the rest of the vision to life.

Belden have a comprehensive product portfolio and have seen huge success in communicating the breadth of their offering through experiential marketing. Breaking down barriers through innovation is Belden’s ethos, and with 2Head’s help, the Stuttgart CIC used intelligent design, content and cutting-edge technology to showcase that ethos.

The Brief | Bring Innovation to Life

Belden briefed us to craft an experiential space that could showcase their innovative solutions; encourage collaboration and discussion, and host demostrations and talks with studio-quality surrondings. A beautiful space that resonated with brand style, the Customer Innovation Center (CIC) needed to be the backdrop for internationally streamed events; a showpiece that echoed the new direction of the brand and invited the whole world in to witness Belden’s technological advancements. Having created a virtual rendition of the CIC for the Grand Opening, Belden challenged us to ensure their physical CIC was just as inspirational and visually arresting.

The Solution | Product Immersion and Understanding

The Stuttgart Customer Innovation Center is an award-winning ergonomic environment that could be both intimate and private, and invitingly open for visitors to explore.

Each area of the CIC takes a varying approach to illustrate the benefits of the Belden network; how they are the experts on transmitting growing amounts of data, audio and video needed for today’s applications. 2Heads created film and digital sequences to visually immerse visitors in the possibilities.

The validation lab showcased technical expertise, the Inovation discovery wall showcases the Belden solution journey and the Belden cube showcased digital transformation. From technical consulting, project management to education and events, Belden now have a space that befits their cutting-edge approach.

A message from the CIC Leader: Belden’s portfolio of network products and the granular knowledge of disparate applications have been honed over more than a 100 years and we have brought these together in our new Customer Innovation Centers (CICs) where we engage with users and a variety of industry experts to provide customized solutions and services supporting future-ready networks. All the expertise you need in one place.

Ashish Chand | Executive Vice President, Industrial Automation | Belden
The Belden Cube