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Global 6500 Launches Historic Aviation Partnership

The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) is one of the largest trade show in North America and the highlight of the business aviation year. After Bombardier announced the Global 6500 at EBACE (Europe), they chose NBAA for the grand unveiling of the aircraft. As an extremely important show that attracts 23,600 aviation professionals and VVIP’s, Bombardier looked to their long-term partnership with us to ensure a high value event.

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The Brief | High Value Event

NBAA is dedicated to the role of business aviation in the aerospace industry and is often the platform for ground-breaking announcements and product launches that shift the market. The challenge of NBAA however is its dual show format; the show experience for those who buy and the supplier chain that exists in support of the business aviation. Bombardier wanted 2Heads to navigate this divide, celebrating the arrival of the Global 6500 and ensuring the jet stood out among its competitors without overshadowing Bombardier’s existing product range.

The Solution | Environments that Entertain

NBAA not only saw first delivery of the Global 6500, it also announced the use of the first Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engine in a Bombardier jet, cementing of the long-term relationship between the two aviation giants.

2Heads provided Bombardier and Rolls-Royce with environments to entertain customers and channel them towards a first-hand aircraft experience. We created a relaxed multi-tiered experience which allowed customers to be entertained in front of the new aircrafts and through subtle directive touchpoints, invited to walk around and absorb Bombardier’s other products. The engagement plan then encouraged guests to linger and enjoy the after party where Rolls-Royce and Bombardier celebrated their partnership with champagne and conversation.

Results | A Sophisticated Static

Every element of Bombardier’s presence at NBAA was engineered and designed to create subtle focus. From the internal booths to the external events, we digitally visualised the layout of the static locations so our design focused attention on key aircraft features. Bombardier also utilised our digital toolkit EventHive to manage the customer experience, including delegate journey, meetings, product experience, hospitality and parties.

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