What better place to introduce the future of travel than at the world’s leading tourism show ITB Berlin?

Qatar Airways, the multiple award-winning airline, made quite the impact at this year’s ITB Berlin. Engaging visitors from all over with a truly immersive and experiential pavilion. 2Heads was thrilled to work on our first project with Qatar Airways at such an iconic event where technology was the driving force for the brief and our creative team was able to execute with imagination.

The pavilion was nothing short of a luxurious and first-class experience. From comfortable lounge areas where important meetings can be hosted to a QVerse multi-sensory experience that immersed visitors in the full experience of a Qatar Airways flight.

Say Hi to Sama

Being the pioneers that Qatar Airways are, the innovative airline were the first to develop a virtual MetaHuman cabin crew. ITB Berlin was the place to welcome Sama 2.0, powered by AI. Sama assisted customers in the QVerse through a two-way dialogue that answered frequently asked questions, whilst also posing with visitors for a selfie! 

Experience the QVerse

To truly bring the award winning experience to life, the Qverse experience allowed guests to be fully immersed into a multi-sensory VR experience. Triggering the sounds, smells and atmosphere of the full airline experience from check-in, airport lounge, shopping, to relaxing in the Qsuite on your flight. 

2Heads are excited to develop our relationship with Qatar Airways and look forward to crafting new and innovative brand experiences over the years to come.  


Disney welcome their guests to the ultimate pre-Oscars Party on the roof of The London West Hollywood.

Disney and ABC brought the glamour to this year’s Academy Awards with their pre-Oscar party atop of the famous London West Hollywood in Beverley Hills. Disney and ABC partnered with 2Heads to create a VIP party that really honoured the glitz and glam of this year’s 96th Academy Awards. 2Heads were delighted to partner with Disney again to craft a stunning rooftop environment and host an evening of entertainment that complemented the stunning skyline.

The Brief | A Place to Charm

When Disney Advertising Sales decided to host their pre-Oscars party at the glamorous London West Hollywood Hotel, Beverley Hills, they wanted their unique roof-top space to welcome guests with a celebratory environment fitting of their twenty nominations at this year’s Academy Awards.

2Heads worked closely with Disney on the transformation of this iconic roof-top space, building their requirements into a beautiful floral journey for each guest. Each environment, from lounges, bars and photo opportunities focused on an individual experience for the attendees that incorporated a viewpoint of the sky and the famous Golden Statues.

The Solution | A Place of Beauty

To kick off a weekend of celebrations, Disney wanted their pre-Oscars event to be a cocktail party of creative sophistication. We developed and delivered a luxury environment to host a party to remember, including concept, design, production, catering, venue liaison and overall attendee experience.

The fun continued late into the evening with VIP guests enjoying the visual pillars inspired by the opulence the Oscars. Beautiful architecture and accent planting enhanced by playful lighting design and floral additions created natural opportunities for brand messaging and plenty of social media opportunites.

Embracing the elegance of The London environment, we designed multiple Oscar ‘moments’ with integrated branding and messaging to engage the 800 pre-invited guests. Guests interacted for hours with the many photo opportunities, including the statues, enchanted garden space, pool decorations and branded bars with laughter heard right across the LA skyline.

To learn more about how 2Heads can help you create an environment fit for Hollywood, contact us.

Where do the luxury aviation brands of the world go this time of year? 2Heads return to Dubai Air Show with the best in the business; Bombardier, Airbus, VistaJet, Rolls-Royce and CAE.

The ultimate in luxury was the trend of the event, exceptional hospitality was the heart of the experience. 2Heads created a series of flagship experiences at Dubai Air Show that showcased industry leaders and seamlessly combined networking spaces and technical statics with hospitality.

From restaurant to runway, 2Heads designed a series of multi-sensorial experiences that focused on brand luxury, immersive technology and functional spaces that allowed guests to explore the exciting future of aviation.​

For our 10th year in Dubai, we partnered with the aviation industry’s leaders to create their hospitality experiences in the Middle East’s flagship airshow. From the creation of Airbus’s pavillion to Rolls-Royce and Bombardier’s chalets, we showcased the best in aviation luxury through thoughtful design and impeccable finishes. Technology and innovation were translated through the immersive booths inside the Dubai World Center airport. Internationally renowned brands, CAE and Vista welcomed VIP guests into their own branded world. VistaJet’s VIPs were transported into their own plane with the Vista flight simulator while Airbus’s guests were immersed in a fuselage with a vision, the Airspace complete with content screens, airplane windows and overhead lockers.

People love to escape into the possibilities of transport. Out in the UAE sun, we developed statics displays for Bombardier, VistaJet and Airbus, utilising the power of immersive environments to transport people into the ultimate in aviation opulence.


A week long event, Dubai Air Show attracted 100,000 visitors and showcased 160 aircraft. Our clients conducted a multitude of successful meetings and press conferences.

Industries: Aviation, Technology

Services involved:


ITV Studios is one of the hottest TV creation, production and distribution studios in the world right now, home to Love Island, Queer Eye and Schitts Creek. ITV Studios brought 2Heads on to translate the vibe of their distinct content collection into a bijou branded home for guests of the international content market MIPCOM.

Inspired by their chic location on the Croisette in Cannes, 2Heads reimagined ITV Studios House into the ultimate destination for media professionals. Changing up how guests interacted, the House took a fresh approach to the market. Part Soho House glamour, part inspirational content, the House was the talk of the town at the Palais des Festivals de Cannes.


Centrally located in the heart of the MIPCOM market, the ITV Studios House stood out from the crowd with its modern take on the art deco glamour of Cannes famous seaside boulevard. No detail was ignored in creating a true destination for the media industry to experience the ITV Studios vibe.

From creating the iconic bar, to break-out booths for secluded conversations, the experience felt like stepping into a private members club.


The luxe interior offered plenty of ways to explore ITV Studios’ world of popular culture. A central sit-up bar transported guests to the iconic French Riviera, and a sun-soaked terrace offered loungers somewhere to enjoy the House’s Bento boxes. Every gilt-edged corner of the House came with discrete foliage-lined spaces to hold important conversations. 

 Content from ITV Studios’ 60+ production labels was sprinkled throughout the House; close up prints of their famous shows decorated the walls, and reels projected on exterior screens to immerse guests into the ITV Studios world.


ITV Studios made their presence known throughout MIPCOM, not just with the coffee cups and tote bags but playing with the House’s Instagram-ability through a social media campaign that hit up ITV Studios fan base worldwide.


A comfy, people-watching space, the Terrace doubled as the location for ITV Studios gatherings and a chance to reflect on the sustainability efforts behind the House. Built from a courtyard of repurposed containers, the architecture of the new House radically reduced the event’s carbon footprint, from storage and transport to heating and furniture.

A New York based, 3-day fan-friendly pop-up experience promoting the Anime shows Undead Unluck, Tokyo Revengers and Sandland streaming on Hulu. The immersive Animayhem experience invited guests to enter into Hulu’s playground, discover the home of the most in-demand titles and snag the best giveaways.


As the home of the most in-demand Anime titles Hulu, in partnership with Anime NYC, tasked 2Heads with concepting and delivering an unforgettable and immersive experience to unite both legacy fans and new fans together in celebrating all things Anime.  All while exploring what’s new from the streaming giant and appreciating what makes Anime so popular: exciting storylines, imaginative characters, and a relatable multiverse.


Anime is one of the fastest growing medias and is loved across multiple generations making it hugely important to ensure the experience honored the origin elements while highlighting exciting new content. It was imperative to have an experienced team, with a strong focus on creative that created awareness around the in-demand Anime titles and flawless execution that increased percentage participation and increased social engagement. 2Heads and Hulu worked together to bring their vision to life, creating an immersive experience that stood out in a crowded convention and ensure brand awareness through thoughtful giveaways.


2Heads fully produced, managed, and executed the immersive fan experience with Anime NYC and the Javits center for the full-on weekend. This included all ideation and creative execution, set design, production, oversight on giveaways and storyboarding for the experience. Over the 3 days guests were invited to experience the Anime titles,  show off their cos-play, get the best Insta photo opportunities, hang out with their favorite characters, and get the best giveaways from the Boba Tea Drop powered by LW Orchestrations.


NetJets, partner of the famous Art Basel, return with a showcase of world-renowned artist Conor Mccreedy’s work.

Art Basel is one of the highlights of the events calender, a unique mixture of experience, galleries, luxury and art collectors.

Renowed around the world, from the ultra-hip streets of Miami to the high energy gatherings of Hong Kong, Art Basel’s home show in Switzerland brings together 200 leading galleries and more than 4,000 artists from five continents to put on a session of exhibitions concurrently in and around Basel.

A long-term partner in this region-wide art week, NetJets love Art Basel. Many of Netjets owners are art collectors and enthusiasts, which makes Art Basel an important brand opportunity for the worlds-leading private aviation business.

Returning with 2Heads for this all-important event, NetJets’ tailor-made lounge reflects the privacy and seclusion of their travel destinations with the art reflecting a luxury safari theme.

We placed NetJets collaborative effort with world-renowned artist Conor Mccreedy upon a neutral canvas and adorned the loungue with large scale artworks depicting Mccreedy’s wildlife series, all in the artist’s signature blue monochrome.


South African-born, Swiss-based, British artist Conor Mccreedy adorned the bespoke NetJets Lounge with his Alter-Ego Wildlife series. Globally recognised for his monochromatic work, Mccreedy explored the world through a singular focus of the colour blue. Inspired by a reverence of the landscape in which he grew up, the Alter-Ego Wildlife series focuses on the complex relationship between oneself and the natural world as well as the artist’s passion for conservation.

Art Basel is dedicated to connecting members of the international art world, and to providing a space for their ideas and creativity to be celebrated. NetJets are incredibly proud of their longstanding partnership with the illustrious art fair, a relationship that spans 22 years and 2Heads are equally proud to be part of this unique collaboration for five of those years.

To learn more about how 2Heads can help you create your own luxury lounge or gallery, contact us.

The Diamond standard in sustainably designed brand experience environments

In our latest project with global diamond icons De Beers, we activate their Building Forever vision at one of the jewellery industry’s key expos, JCK in Las Vegas.

De Beers are passionate about pioneering the ethical, social and environmental standards of their industry and aim to be the diamond standard of conscious business practices. As part of their Building Forever commitments they have challenged us to produce their global show program using the most holistically sustainable methods available.

De Beers & Building Forever:

To build forever we need to challenge ourselves to do better and push further, which is why we have set ourselves 12 ambitious goals we are determined to achieve by 2030. Our goals concentrate on four clear pillars where we believe we can make a meaningful impact – leading ethical practices, partnering for thriving communities, protecting the natural world and accelerating equal opportunity. These are vitally important not only to our business, but also to our employees, partners and communities across all facets of our operations.

The Brief

The Solution

Following the success of our partnership with De Beers in Singapore, our experiential solution blended the use of eco-conscious materials with luxury finishes and cutting edge immersive technologies to engage government and business delegates in the brand world of De Beers.

Through multiple storytelling touch points, guests could engage with all aspects of De Beers’ integrated business in a succinct, consumable way.

Built on a reusable sub-structure to minimise waste, the experience used sustainable materials (including OSB, compact cardboard, water-based paint and cork and sisal flooring) and featured planter walls where every plant was later donated locally and replanted.

An eco-concious strategy underpinned every element of the JCK event, from sourcing local materials and significiant logistic reductions, to rental systems and recycling policies for end of life resources. This strategy was mapped and referenced using the Trace carbon tracking platform to ensure carbon data was transparent, known and to create benchmarks for further evolution.

De Beers is known for perfection so no stone was unturned or detail forgotten as we designed and produced an experience that executed the high levels of finish expected of one of the world’s leading luxury brands.

The Results

Over 30,000 industry professionals from all facets of the jewelry industry attended the event for a week of product sourcing, education, and networking. 18,000 guests (up 8% from 2022) from over 100 countries conducted business during the event.

With a footprint of 2600 sq ft, De Beers was the most prominent brand at the show and our sustainably executed experience was a huge talking point for all that engaged with the brand. All carbon tracking was mapping using the Trace carbon measurement platform: https://traceyour.events/. Key statistical results included:

Furniture Data. 54.7% of the products used for the event were hired locally. 25.7% of products are on a reuse cycle for the show and 19.6% of items were recycled through local donation.

Mileage. We limited the initial freight deliveries and the runner vans to the local area for procurement, staying under a 220 mile total target.

Material Use. Over 50% of production materials for display counters, walls and cork flooring was from recycled material. All paint was water-based. 67.5% of all graphic production was also sourced from recycled materials

Material Stock. Over 4,950 kg of material stock was hired, and 2267 kg were from recycled material. This equated to 85.7% of production build materials used.

Spread the Word. Education was key to De Beer’s successful strategy to Building Forever within and without the industry. Spread the Word infographics informed guests of the details behind the design, placing their eco-credentials front and center. The first time this has ever been done at JCK.

Engaging fans for one of the world’s most iconic entertainment brands

Our first project with Sega of America saw us take their beloved master brand and ATLUS properties into the beating heart of the Anime world, Anime Expo in LA. A mecca for Anime fans from all over the world, AX brings together those brands and companies that are taking Japan’s illustrious universe of animation, movies, games and merchandise to the world stage.

Anime is one of the fastest growing cultural phenomena on the planet with an incredibly engaged, knowledgeable and passionate fan base. Showing up with authenticity and a deep understanding of what makes the Anime cosplayer tick was crucial to designing a successful experience and the 2Heads LA team absolutely nailed it.

The Brief

Our brief had two core components around fan engagement and retail. Anime Expo is a true B2C fan event and the one thing these true fanatics are looking for is access to the brands, titles, artists and characters they love. With such a broad portfolio of games amongst the two houses of Sega and ATLUS, we were spoilt for choice with ways to activate their products through gaming experiences, activations and UGC moments.

After the access, these fans want nothing more than to take home exclusive merchandise and the lines literally go around the block for three days to get hold of the best stash. Sega set us the challenge of designing the most efficient and immersive retail fulfilment experience possible to maximize sales and minimize the time spent by our fans in line.

The Solution

We wanted to create a uniquely Japanese styled design; one that celebrates Sega and ATLUS’ rich history, heritage and creativity, whilst at the same time presenting a neutral canvas to allow the various titles to be experienced.

As we explored different ways to bring the brands to life while maximizing retail potential, we were excited by Japanese anime retail and vending culture.

Offbeat and fun, it provided the perfect platform on which to express Sega and ATLUS’ personalities as well as allowing us to showcase titles and merchandise in an eye catching way. 

Imagine stepping inside a department store dedicated to Sega and ATLUS; a destination where you can meet like-minded passionate fans, immerse yourself in a world of Anime and get your hands on exclusive merchandise from all your favorite titles!

The Experience Architecture

Eye-catching & arresting – An experience that makes people stop, stare and share, using verticality to create a fan destination filled with FOMO. 

Rooted in culture – Embracing the culture of Anime in all its forms – aesthetically, tonally, visually, and talks to its fans in an authentic way.

Drives brand reappraisal – Helps Sega and ATLUS to turn up differently at Anime Expo than ever before and stand out from the crowd.

Celebratory & optimistic – Celebrates the rich heritage of Sega and ATLUS, presenting the core titles in a vibrant and energetic way.

The Results

Anime Expo 23 exceeded all expectations. First and foremost, the experience ticked all of the boxes for the fans with footfall figures and dwell time off the charts. And with 300% YOY uplift in sales, the experience also ticked Sega’s commercial box too:

Fans Engaged
Gaming Demos

Creating at scale, 2Heads delivered their largest singular event when they brought Airbus home to Paris Air Show after four years.

Airbus is a global pioneer in the aerospace industry, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defence and space sectors. With over 130,000 employees and as the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe, Airbus is at the forefront of the aviation industry.

As a world-leader, Airbus are keenly aware of the pressure on aviation to demonstrate their commitment to a cleaner future for aerospace. Airbus’s purpose – to pioneer sustainable aerospace for a safe and united world – matters now more than ever and the lynchpin behind Airbus’s future experiences, events & environments is ensuring those values are reflected in every public appearance. For Airbus, no public event is greater than Paris Air Show.

Since its launch in 1909, the International Paris Air Show has constantly grown, and remains the largest aerospace event in the world. The 54th show edition took place at Paris’s Le Bourget Parc des Expositions; with 4 days of important trade events and 3 days of public spectacular, the 2023 edition was the first Paris Air Show since the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Brief

Airbus’s brief to 2Heads was simple but significant; design, create and deliver a multi-building experience around their premier position at Paris Air show. This included the design and creation of a fully integrated pavilion that would host international dignitaries in subtle luxury and an immersive experience tent that promote Airbus’s understanding of changing market needs, customer focus and technological innovation.

Airbus required 2Heads to evolve the experience of Farnborough International Airshow with a series of immersions in Paris that showed how Airbus’s products connect people and places via air and space.

The Airbus Pavilion

2Heads designed the Pavilion to be the hub of the Airbus experience; a place where visitors were greeted to comfort and hospitality, a professional space where meetings and conversations could be held overlooking the static display of Airbus’s finest aircraft. The space had to be large enough to host a large number of visitors but designed in an intelligent way so to separate experiences for different press, civil and military delegations.

The Pavilion was a place for business, for serious conversations focused on the future of Airbus sales and technology. Delegate journeys were planned for the two floors to move guests from lounges to the correct meeting rooms, C-suite visitors to the right lounges and to provide a suite of facilities for the large number of press based at the pavilion. Constructed in 9 weeks, the Pavilion included multiple meeting/dining rooms, lounge & bar areas, the Le Club Lounge, 6VIP lounges, 7 VIP Suites and CEO Lounge, a Press Suite including interview rooms and auditorium, and a air display terrace.

The Airbus Tent

Where the Pavilion focused on hospitality, interviews, announcements and networking, 2Heads designed the Airbus experience tent to bring Airbus innovations to life. The resulting ‘A’ immersive experience proved very popular, a walkway tunnel packed with LED interior projections advertising imagery around Airbus’s ‘the world is a beautiful place’ campaign.

Painting a hopeful future for sustainability on our ever-evolving planet and to the great beyond in aerospace, the campaign celebrated Airbus’s new vision and direction, and used emotion to engage audiences beyond product features to human experiences and outcomes.

2Heads also created a lenticular screen of a floating Earth, hovering at the center of the tent and drawing attention to the Airbus vignettes that surrounded it’s glowing globe. The idea behind the Earth was to create a platform that captured Airbus’s purpose of ‘pioneering sustainable aerospace for a safe and untited world,’ and communicate that theme with gathering stakeholders in a way that reasonated. In line with Airbus’s brief, the Earth and ‘A’ campaign acted as an invite to guests to join a shared belief and movement in looking after the world, and expressed the belief that Airbus has a leading role in helping defend the future of a beautiful planet.

Airbus globe floating above space

2Heads partner with Legoland New York and Legoland South Korea to create the iconic Fire Academy ride.

When Merlin Entertainments announced the opening of two new theme parks, 2Heads were thrilled to partner with Legoland on the creation of a series of new rides for guests, including the flagship Fire Academy attraction.

The ninth and tenth Legoland’s consecutively, New York and South Korea boost the accolades of the largest and 2nd largest Legolands in the world with a combined 220 acres of themepark and over 5 million visitors every year. Launching in 2021 and 2022, 2Heads spent the last three years working on this important activation, from digital touchpoints to event technology.

The Brief | Reimagine a classic

The Legoland Fire Academy is a unique ride that’s become a Legoland classic. It allows families to race against each other in their own fire engines, aiming their fire hoses at a burning building to put out the flames.

Pumping a lever up and down, guests power their engine down a track towards the “burning” building, racing against the other fire engines. Once at the end of the track they disembark their engine, then the adults turn handles to pump water from their fire hydrants while the children aim water jets toward the building.

Historically guests pump water into a hole until a siren sounds. For their new theme parks, Legoland briefed 2Heads to create a more sensory immersion that brought togther the best in event technology from the experiential marketing world and repurposed for the enjoyment of Legoland’s younger clientele.

The Solution | Save the Lego family

Legoland Fire Academy is one of the more physical activities at Legoland, with the family working together to put the fire out and pump their fire engine back and forth from the Lego houses. But how to galvanise the families to race each other? A ‘burning building’ to put out and a family to save!

2Heads designed a series of digital windows for each house that depicts a happy Lego family at home. With storytelling at the heart of the immersion, we designed a system that billow smoke from the houses, the scent and sight urging guests to get there as quickly as possible.

Instead of firing hoses into a hole, children then aim at the protected digital screens, putting out the flames showing there, flames made of little lego blocks. Then the sirens sound and off they race.

As part of the experience design process, 2Heads experts worked collaboratively with the ride contractors on the best ways to showcase the content. The inspiration for the ride is to give children the chance to ride on their own fire engines and put out a blaze. We wanted to enhance this as much as possible to give families the thrill they deserve!

The Results | A Beating Heart of Content

Legoland New York and Legoland South Korea have opened to huge success with Fire Academy at the heart of LegoCity. Welcoming thousands of visitors a day, the Fire Academy has charmed parents and children alike as they save the Lego family!

New Resorts in South Korea and New York
Visitors per day