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LIVE | Dubai Airshow

Where do the luxury aviation brands of the world go this time of year? 2Heads return to Dubai Air Show with the best in the business; Bombardier, Airbus, VistaJet, Rolls-Royce and CAE.

The ultimate in luxury was the trend of the event, exceptional hospitality was the heart of the experience. 2Heads created a series of flagship experiences at Dubai Air Show that showcased industry leaders and seamlessly combined networking spaces and technical statics with hospitality.

From restaurant to runway, 2Heads designed a series of multi-sensorial experiences that focused on brand luxury, immersive technology and functional spaces that allowed guests to explore the exciting future of aviation.​

For our 10th year in Dubai, we partnered with the aviation industry’s leaders to create their hospitality experiences in the Middle East’s flagship airshow. From the creation of Airbus’s pavillion to Rolls-Royce and Bombardier’s chalets, we showcased the best in aviation luxury through thoughtful design and impeccable finishes. Technology and innovation were translated through the immersive booths inside the Dubai World Center airport. Internationally renowned brands, CAE and Vista welcomed VIP guests into their own branded world. VistaJet’s VIPs were transported into their own plane with the Vista flight simulator while Airbus’s guests were immersed in a fuselage with a vision, the Airspace complete with content screens, airplane windows and overhead lockers.

People love to escape into the possibilities of transport. Out in the UAE sun, we developed statics displays for Bombardier, VistaJet and Airbus, utilising the power of immersive environments to transport people into the ultimate in aviation opulence.


A week long event, Dubai Air Show attracted 100,000 visitors and showcased 160 aircraft. Our clients conducted a multitude of successful meetings and press conferences.

Industries: Aviation, Technology

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