Belden and 2Heads celebrate the launch of historic fourth Belden Customer Innovation Center with grand opening event.

2Heads are inordinately proud of our four year journey with Belden, the leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitization solutions. The flagship of our partnership has been the Customer Innovation Centers, also known as CICs, Belden’s newest methods of delivering value to customers through experience.

Utilising the very best of our experience designers, 2Heads designed and created a series of international spaces where solutions can be crafted and validated onsite. Debuting in Stuttgart, the CIC has subsequently opened in Santa Clara and Shanghai before returning home to Chicago, Illinois. The new Chicago center provides an ecosystem for Belden customers to co-innovate with sales and product engineers to develop, test, document, and validate proven solutions that drive efficiency, security and innovation.

To commemorate the opening, an exclusive event celebrating the newly commissioned Customer Innovation Center was held on May 4th and marked a return of the company to its roots. The location in America’s heartland holds special historical significance for the company as it was founded by Joseph C. Belden in Chicago in 1902. The original Belden home office was located on the top floor of a five-story building at 116-118 Michigan Street in Chicago’s Loop district and the event brought together customers, partners and Belden leaders to showcase Belden’s capabilities.

“We are thrilled to open the doors of our flagship Customer Innovation Center and return to the great city of Chicago,” said Andries Boone, Managing Director, Solutions Delivery at Belden. “This milestone is so much more than a facility opening, it represents the future of Belden and our commitment to collaborating, driving innovation and building solutions with our customers. We are looking forward to welcoming guests for many years to come.”

Belden and 2Heads have used a vendor-agnostic approach to provide best-in-class experiences that transform ideas into solutions, empowering companies to feel secure and maintain focus on their business objectives. The Belden CIC model was developed in partnership to address key business goals and outcomes that encompass various areas of customers’ operations.

Later this year, following the opening of the Chicago location, Belden plans to launch a Customer Innovation Center in Bangalore, India. If you would like to know more about how we partner with brands to create immersive hubs for product experience, please contact us.

In the first year of the 2Heads Charter Charity, the 2Heads team are taking on the three highest peaks of the UK to raise funds for our 2023 charities; Freely Fruity, YoungMinds and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.


As we enter the middle of our Charity year, the 2Heads team are gearing up for our two big summer fund-raising activities; the Dorney Lake 5k, 10k and half marathon, and the 24 Hour Three Peaks Challenge.

Both events are worthy challenges; for those 2Headers pounding the streets in preparation for July’s run around Dorney Lake and for those hikers hitting the hills every week, climbing these precious kilometers.

And why are we doing it?

At 2Heads, we recognise just how fortunate we are, and how all too easy it is to take the lives we lead for granted. We all face difficulties in our day to day life; from here in the office to back at home. However, we also realise that there are those facing far more difficult lives and it is our hope that by setting ourselves these challenges, we can raise funds that make a change.

And we are certainly challenging ourselves …

For our flagship fun raising event, we are taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge within a time pressured 24 hours. This means climbing the three highest peaks of Scotland, England and Wales, AND driving between each peak within a 24 hour time window.

The support from 2Heads has been overwhelming with twenty of the team involved in achieving this huge goal. Setting off at 5am on the morning of Friday 28th July, the team will scale the 10 mile ascent of Ben Nevis in Scotland first.

They then pile into two vans to rest while we drive them down to the Lake District for the tougher climb up and down Scafell Pike, England’s highest peak which does involve a fair amount of walking in the dark.

Onwards they will push to scale Snowdonia’s Llanberis path, a climb of 9 miles and a chance to meet the 24 hour challenge and watch the sun rise on the Welsh countryside.

Miles Walking
KM Ascended
Miles Driven

Why is it important we raise funds?

This herculean effort from the team is to raise as much money for three charities close to our heart.

Young Minds are the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health. They want to see a world where no young person feels alone with their mental health, and all young people get the mental health support they need, when they need it, no matter what. Find out more about the work they’re doing and what they’re trying to achieve here.

Freely Fruity are a local community charity co-founded by our Design Director Ryan Simpson. Their vision is to provide food to people and wildlife through planting fruit trees and bushes in local communities. Beyond sustenance, there is the added benefit the trees would directly reduce carbon emissions and lower the carbon footprint of shop bought fruit.

Great Ormond Street Hospital need little introduction. Every day, young lives hang in the balance as patients, families and staff battle the most complex illnesses. Their greatest hope is GOSH where every day, the brightest minds come together to achieve pioneering medical breakthroughs that change the lives of thousands of children – and change the world.

Please sponsor our amazing team as they take on this challenge and help make a change today. CLICK HERE.

The cancelation of E3 sent reverberations through the gaming events community and when the industry’s leading press EventMarketer asked 2Heads for commentary, it got us thinking on what’s next for gaming brands.

We spoke to our Strategy Director Bertie Ager and Dan Hall, Business Director, about how to pivot in the wake of this critical shift.

It’s no big secret that E3 attendance numbers have been declining since before the pandemic. Nonetheless the last-minute cancelation of this bold, dynamic show is a of huge consternation to the industry… and hopefully a wake up.

 Since 2017, E3 has been shifting from an all-encompassing industry event to a public convention and showcase; an event which could be covered from home without the cost of attendance. That is the demographic attendees Xbox, Nintendo, and non-attendees like Sony and EA both want to attract; the online ‘gamer’.

There is a lot of commentary about how some of the big guns backed out in previous years, and how the industry is reliant on three or four companies for success but we believe the failure of E3 and the subsequent rise from the ashes of gaming shows comes from creating events that ‘fit’ better with what a gaming brand does.

Gaming brands launch and update games constantly, so maybe the cost of putting one large exhibition experiences doesn’t make sense anymore. A rigid tradeshow approach doesn’t help an industry that relies on getting ‘playable code’ ready in time.  Imagine it – the studio is late by one week and the whole focus for E3 fails.

We would suggest a different model for the gaming industry that’s more decentralised and focuses on regional attractions. Gaming is an industry focused on creating virtual worlds with limitless possibilities and tradeshows haven’t changed in a century, so maybe a new approach is due; one that connects that values innovation even more than experience.  

E3 went digital in 2021 with some success, and though this was in response to the pandemic, there is a strong argument for E3 to return as a hybrid event.  For organisers to give the event an online presence but in a meaningful way.  What if we gave the gamers and players control and a share of voice with eyeballs on their channels through the likes of Twitch etc? Imagine using activations to switch focus from developers and manufacturers to the following and reach of their fans – this is an influencer industry after all.

We would create events that would leverage the millions of ‘views, likes and shares’ of a streamer’s content, to reimagine games launches and big announcements in a language that connects with this new order. It can be done, look at ComiCon, WonderCon, AnimeExpo – they’re as popular as ever because they are cool for fans, but even they’ve yet to discover the nirvana of hybrid events that create a true virtual counterpart to the live event.

If E3 and the gaming industry do adopt a hybrid approach, we would recommend that it is, by its nature, content driven. The content can still be used regardless of the event and if it has currency; features new footage, gets fans closer to the game they love, gives them access to development, then it will definitely be attractive to fans who live for gaming 24/7. Create FOMO and gift loyal fans with experience they want; let them meet sponsored e-athletes for free and then exhibitors can still engage with the audience who would have been attending E3, but on their own terms.

Subscribed to EventMarketer? Read the full article here.

Interested in fan-focused events and content-driven experiences, give us a call or contact us here.

2Heads take time out of creating events to attend Marlow’s Pub in the Park, supporting the local food and music festival

At 2Heads, we believe in the work-life balance. And though we love putting on events the world over, it is nice to have some time out to enjoy a festival too.

Pub in the Park, founded by celebrity chef and personality Tom Kerridge, launched in 2017 and has taken the country by storm with its unique mixture of pop-up pub food, amazing live music and local food supplier stores.

As a local events industry, 2Heads is proud to support Pub in the Park and hold our spring social here every year. Though not all of the team could be here as many were travelling overseas for different campaigns, it was great to get the agency together and celebrate all things wonderful about events.

2Heads team in pub in the park

If you would be interested in joining our fun, vibrant and growing team, please contact us here.

Andrew Ager | Strategy Director | 2Heads Global

There has been a lot of chatter coming out from industry gatherings over the last few weeks – yes SXSW I am talking about you – about the rise of AI and its role in marketing. If we are to believe everything that was said, then in a few years we will all be augmented by technology incapable of individual thought and acquiescing to algorithms in our efforts to engage with audiences and influence consumer behaviours.

Future gazing is all well and good, but I think as an industry we are all trying too hard in the pursuit of the next big thing.

The power of experiential marketing in my mind is its ability to connect with people on an emotional level.

There is no other channel that can match it for pure engagement.

If an individual chooses to spend time engaging with a brand experience, be it pop-up retail, fully immersive showcase, brand pavilion, event, or everything in between, then we are already half-way to nirvana. Yes, their experience needs to be compelling, it needs to have utility, be arresting and thought provoking, it should inspire and entertain, it should elevate the brand and create advocacy, but it also needs to speak to them as humans.

And that isn’t going to happen if the experience is designed by computer.

It has to be imbued with emotion, it needs to spark something in the mind and tug at the old heart strings.

So that’s why I am starting a campaign, a rallying cry to our industry if you will, Made By Humans.

Think of it as a kite mark for our species.

Illuminating insights from a real person about real people.

Top notch creative from artists, magicians, writers, designers, entertainers not generated by ChatGP.

Craftsmanship, production and high-end delivery from the makers, shifters and doers who bring the vison of the creative to life.

Let’s remember, we are in the business of crafting human connections, and for that to be successful, then we need to ensure we don’t lose the humanity in our experience, by all means integrate technology, champion innovation, and create the sticky content that helps tell the story, but let’s make sure it’s the folks that get up every morning and do-the-do that are creating the show, not the machines!

Airbus and Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) return to Atlanta for Heli-Expo, the world’s largest vertical aviation event.

2Heads and Airbus Helicopters return to Atlanta, Georgia for HAI Heli-Expo 2023, creating a sensation at the rotorcraft industry’s largest event.

The March 7-9 event welcomed over 14,000 industry professionals to discover and discuss the very latest in in vertical aviation. At the heart of the 600+ exhibits, Airbus took center stage with their open plan showcase of cutting-edge range of helicopters.

Partnering with 2Heads for the fifth time since 2018, Airbus required an arena-style environment that introduced guests to the efficiences of the single- and twin-engine Airbus rotorcraft family. Event technology focused on sound and touch to explain current and future capabilities while digital content illustrated tomorrow’s innovations for urban air mobility.

HAI Heli-Expo audiences were introduced to the H160 Energy Sector helicopter through vignettes that explained this innovative helicopter’s reduced fuel consumption and quieter operation. Guests enjoyed the ACH130 Aston Martin Edition with it’s sleek balance of power and elegance synonymous with the sports-car manufacturer.

The liveried H145 HEMS for emergency medical services and H125 Law enforcement helicopter’s also put in an appearance at the show with important buyers given the low down on the full range of mission equipment. The star of the show however might arguably be the CityAirbus NextGen, their four seater vVTOL prototype, an emphatic symbol of Airbus‘s commitment to the application of electric power in sustainable urban air mobility.

If you would be interested in learning more about our award-winning experiences and events, please contact us here.

2Heads land three important nominations for this year’s Campaign Experience Awards

Campaign is the world’s leading business media magazine serving the marketing, advertising and media communities with valuable news and insights.

In recent years, Campaign has championed the new breed of creative brand-builder – the people who are disrupting and re-shaping our industry and pushing the boundaries of experiential marketing.

Every year the Campaign Experience Awards recognise and celebrate the continuous innovations of the brand experience and event sector with nominations hotly contested.

2Heads were thrilled to recieve three nominations this year with both Bombardier and Disney recognised for Best Exhibition Experience for 2023 and Bombardier again given the nod by judges for Best Sustainable Experience for their eco-conscious event at EBACE.

The Campaign Awards will be handed out during a special Gala dinner at the Londoner Hotel on Thursday 30th March and we wish all the nominees the best of luck.

Read about the Campaign Experience Awards and take a look at the complete list of honorees here.

2Heads and Bombardier win at the EN Marketing Awards debut in London, adding to the roster of wins for their brand experience at EBACE

The team at 2Heads were thrilled to win another award for Bombardier’s visionary brand experience at EBACE ’22. Picking up the gong for Best Digital Innovation at this year’s EN Marketing Awards, this honour makes it five wins for the Bombardier event which merged anamorphic 3D content with an eco-concious environment to create a 360 degree experience.

Gathered with a glittering array of peers at the De Vere Connaught Rooms in London, our work with Bombardier was also nominated for Best Use of Creative/Brand alongside Disney whose D23 Expo for Disney Bundle+ was nominated for Best B2C Campaign. A proud moment for us as the Gala Dinner on the 13th February celebrated the first ever EN Marketing Awards.

The success behind Bombardier’s brand experience at EBACE ’22, an important aviation event which launched the new Global 8000 business jet, is notably due to the event’s eco-concious credentials. The sustainably sourced and recycled materials used also earned the experience a Highly Commended Award from The Drum Magazine Experience Awards for Best Sustainable Event. The Drum Experience Award judges also nominated Disney again for Best Large Scale Event.

The judges at Eventmarketer also found much to love in how 2Heads utilised showstopping digital content to narrate Bombardier’s vision for a sustainble aviation agency, awarding our partnership with an Experience Design and Technology Award for Best Exhibit Design. Bombardier recieved the highest accolade with a Gold award.

We are delighted to announce that 2Heads has landed a coveted spot on Event Marketer’s 2022 IT List, as one of the top 100 event agencies spearheading the experiential marketing industry.

The only guide of its kind, this 20th edition of the IT list focuses on agencies pushing new boundaries with their clients through progressive global brand experience activity.

The IT list is a valuable resource for companies seeking the most forward looking agencies, from industry giants to independent boutiques and future-focused start-ups. In each honoree, EventMarketer were looking for meaningful capabilities that set clients up for success.

In their own words, ‘the application pool is much larger these days, but our mission remains the same: To make sense of the landscape, the people, the in-demand services and the best work, and to deliver it all—the Top 100—in one annual package.’

For the very first time, the It List was announced live in at the inaugural Agency Forum held Sept. 21 at City Winery at Hudson River Park in New York City with our Global CGO James Simpkins in attendance.

Recognised for excellence in Conferences/Events, Global Event Programmes and Trade Show programmes, Event Marketer commented on how 2Heads had ‘stepped up capabilities across gamification, game engines and the metaverse, with our launch for Bombardier’s G8000 business jet showing off the team’s experiential principles.’

Our North American team have made a significant contribution to our succession to their list as they focus on delivering experiential B-2-C solutions for brands such as Disney, providing narrative-led approach to global events such as D23 Expo 2022. As one of the top event agencies in North America, we now look forward to creating more meaningful experiences in 2023.

Read the 2Heads 2022 IT List profile and take a look at the complete list here.

2Heads focuses on local communities with their 2023 charity charter and annual event schedule.

At 2Heads, we recognise just how fortunate we are, and how all too easy it is to take the lives we lead for granted. We all face challenges in our day to day life; from here in the office to back at home. However, we also realise that there are those facing far more challenging lives and it is our hope with the launch of the 2Heads charity charter, that we can do a little to make a change.

As the business grows and evolves, 2Heads wish to play their part in making a real difference to other people’s lives. We could simply donate money, but we believe we should approach our commitment to charity as a team.

Through the good of our team’s hard work and as custodians of our futures, we hope that together 2Heads will rise to the challenge of making a difference and supporting those less fortunate around us.

It is with great pleasure therefore that 2Heads announce and welcome the three charities that we’ve chosen to support for our inaugural year under a charity charter. Voted for by our team, these charities fit exceptionally well with our values and focus on areas that support our vision of protecting the planet and supporting the next generation. 

For our first year, we have selected an initial target of £7,500 to raise for a selection of local, national and international charities and 2Heads will commit to match every penny raised.

We are looking to raise money through a schedule of varying internal and external fundraising challenge events and will keep everyone posted on opportunities for our clients and suppliers to get involved.

This Valentines days, 2Heads kicked off our charter by sharing the love in support of our charities. Members of our team bought a heart for the 2Heads tree and wrote messages of love and support for others in the team, creating a showcase of mutual respect and affection.

If you would be interested in joining us at any of our events, getting involved in any aspect, or would like to find out  more about our charity programme, please email our Charity Committee at