Following a momentous fundraiser last year with the Three Peaks in 24 Hours, our 2Heads team are no strangers to a challenge. This year, our team will walk 500 miles!


This year, our team at 2Heads is embarking on a remarkable journey to support three incredible charities: Dementia UK, BBC Children in Need, and Macmillan Cancer Support. We are thrilled to announce our 500-mile walk along the picturesque Thames Path, starting from Streatley and ending in Marlow. This adventure, filled with scenic beauty and a profound purpose, is more than just a physical challenge—it’s a heartfelt commitment to making a difference.

Why are we walking?

At 2Heads, we believe in the power of community and the importance of giving back. Our charity fundraiser is a testament to our dedication to supporting causes that touch the lives of many. Each step we take is a step towards raising awareness and funds for these vital organisations.

The challenge

We wanted to make this challenge as inclusive as possible so we’ve designed this walk where people can join at any distance and do their part.

The challenge is to walk the Thames path in a 12 hour window with some starting at the crack of dawn to start their 30 miles whilst others get involved later on in the day with whatever distance suits them.

At the end of it, the team will be joined by their family and friends in a celebratory picnic to commemorate the teams efforts.

Who are we doing it for?

We’ve chosen three charities that are close to our hearts.

Dementia UK provides specialist dementia support for families through their Admiral Nurse service. These nurses offer expert guidance and practical solutions, helping families face dementia with more confidence and less fear.

BBC Children in Need works tirelessly to change the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in the UK. By funding thousands of projects, they ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive and achieve their potential.

Macmillan Cancer Support offers essential support to people living with cancer and their families. From financial advice to emotional support, Macmillan’s services are a lifeline for many during their toughest times.

Please sponsor our amazing team as they take on this challenge and help make a change today by clicking here.

Solving Sustainability; 2Heads review and showcase some of the innovative companies that help you make a difference.

Trees 4 Travel – A New Era of Mindful Travel Technology

We have all been there. The carbon cost of an event has been carefully tallied, considered and reduced where possible. Then someone (rightly) asks about the cost of travel for delegates. What if there was a United Nations (CER) certified company that focused on just that?

Meet Trees4Travel! An award winning environmental ‘Tech For Good’ company that works with the world’s main travel brand in the business & leisure sectors to provide FREE carbon management technology to calculate & help reduce emissions impact. What we love is how Trees4Travel use a simple way to make positive climate contributions through direct integrations into booking systems, API or simple file uploads. They help educate in-house event teams & provide the necessary transitionary tools to get us all, brands, agency and contractors, to our net zero targets in the future – making travel & events more ethical & more sustainable.

Not Your Every Day – Beautiful, Sustainable Furniture for Your Creative Spaces.

Our Creative Team are always looking for sustainability with substance, whether they are designing networking spaces for the De Beers Group or the VIP suites for Bombardier. A recent favourite, Not Your Every Day, create amazing furniture that is either plant-based, biological, biodegradable, and recyclable. Their range of sustainable furniture includes pieces produced entirely from post-consumer plastic waste, some made from hemp, used cooking oil, reclaimed fishing nets and even used Carlsberg kegs.

Not only is their furniture beautiful to the eye, Not Your Every Day is sustainable from start to finish. From the pallet wrap they use, the protective coverings on their furniture, to the electricity that powers their building and cars, they’re committed to ensuring every detail is considered throughout their business. What we love is their refusal to box tick and their desire to create the world’s most sustainably produced furniture, without ever compromising on design.

GreenCollect – Helps you put the Circular Economy into Action

We would all like to live in a world without waste. For those of us in the events and experience industry, the generation of waste is a challenge we are constantly facing and it’s great to see some companies out there actively rising to the challenge with organisational solutions.

Green Collect are specialists in finding the best environmental outcome for a wide variety of surplus and discarded items. They focus on innovative solutions to the problem of waste, and are dedicated to keeping office items out of landfill, keeping them in the circular economy through reuse, repurpose, and by dismantling into materials. We love how Green Collect ensure that resources are used to their full potential, finding ways to reuse items in the community or make them into other products.

If you would like to join a complimentary SOS Lab or find out more about our work producing sustainable events and exhibitions, drop us a line: 

James Simpkins, Global CGO, talks from personal experience about the challenge of onboarding a team on the sustainability journey and how his learnings can help others with this important task.

“It feels like we’ve already been on our sustainability journey for an eternity. Have we made progress, yes. Could we be doing more, absolutely. Is the pace of progress frustrating, yes of course it is!

I tell myself, and I know I must keep encouraging those around me to step out of their comfort zone, not to fear the change and to push the boundaries. There is a true opportunity to learn from implementing sustainable working and design practices. It teaches people to deal with the challenges and problems they face daily. It helps people to acquire new skills and before too long, makes it a natural extension of their expertise.

In my opinion however, it really does require the collaboration of all parties to measure and improve the environmental impact of experiential events. It works so much better when you have clients and stakeholders that are truly passionate about making positive change. This usually is driven by their personal beliefs and backed by their brands corporate policies. But of course, not everybody is in the same place and is operating at the same pace. As an agency, we believe we can help drive the change and support our clients on their journey but of course, we need people to be willing and able to help us, help them, make it happen.

What do we do to create momentum within the agency? It is easy to put a document out, load them up to the Intranet, brief teams in focused sessions and think that’s it. Repetition of course serves as a brilliant reminder of what best practice looks like, but as a growing agency, we’ve a duty to ensure the newest members of our team have the foundations to contribute and add value at the earliest opportunity. 

As part of new team member’s onboarding programme, we hold an initial focused session on environmental sustainability, rather than attempting to also address financial and social sustainability. These highly important and interlinked elements form part of our wider agency strategy and stakeholder reporting but are also addressed in our vision and values. We’ve found, even though sessions are narrowed down, there’s still a lot to take on board. We start by sharing stories of where sustainable strategies have been implemented, if they were successful, or not, and what the outcomes and learnings were.

Owing to the diverse experience of new team members, brilliant stories are shared, and they help us all carry new perspectives. One example, told of an experience working at a much sought after events and wedding venue. The venue deployed a strategy not to cut the grass in the grounds of the venue with the right intention of improving the ecosystem and protecting the wildlife. However, the bridal parties that arrived for their big day were surprised that the venue they’d bought into, now had grounds resembling a scruffy recreational park. The venue got the ‘why’ part right, but missed the ‘what and how.’ We agreed the venue could’ve invested in a wildflower meadow which would be amazing on the eye, fabulous in photos and would improve the ecosystem a step further. Learnings often lead to the same conclusion, doing the minimum for the right reasons doesn’t always deliver a satisfying result and happy customers. Stretching beyond this is important.

Having broken the ice, but not melted it, we cover the agencies Sustainability Commitment and how we all need to play our part in making proactive change happen. Our approach guides us in the way we do business and how the decisions we take today contribute to a better tomorrow. Through transparency, training, and robust measurement tools, we can assess and improve our impact at a project and business level. We then frame our net zero goals, discuss how actioning small things can make a significant difference. This includes reducing reusing and recycling waste, reducing carbon footprint, utilising green power sources, mindful travel, greener offices and supporting our local communities.

As a creative agency it’s natural that we will focus in on biophilic design where appropriate and the use of sustainable materials. Our teams have worked hard to research, discover, and catalogue a huge range of sustainable materials to inform and fuel our Sustainable Event Design Approach. Based on the circular economy framework and using the principles of eliminating waste and pollution from the outset, we share how we keep products and materials in use and recycle wherever we can. By minimising material use and selecting materials with a lower or even beneficial impact on the environment, we can create better solutions for clients and more importantly the planet.

To conclude the initial onboarding session, we work through our Sustainability Measurement Charter. We review how utilising measurement tools to record and report the carbon impact of our projects enables us to make informed choices and better decisions with our clients. We also discuss why increasing levels of measurement data in a uniform and consistent manner is of vital importance. With this, we can work from a consistent baseline and seek to reduce the impact of our work from project to project. We offer Sustainability Measurement Reporting to all our clients, on all our projects because we know it works better when you have clients and stakeholders that are truly passionate about making positive change.

Our agency teams are ready and are serious on sustainability, are you?

To see sustainability work in award-winning fashion, check out our work with the De Beers Group.

Pippa Laxton | Account Director

Like so many people, my career in events has been a roller-coaster of ups and downs, learning curves and cherished achievements, none more so than my time in Hong Kong where it all began.

I actually went to Hong Kong on a whim. Buying a one way ticket for £180 (an RAF flight from Dad), and running away from a broken relationship, I cried the entire thirteen hour flight. Arriving in a typhoon, my auspicious start went from bad to worse when I had my first shower from a plastic pipe out of a toilet cistern and went to sleep in a 16 person dorm on the sixteenth floor to the sound of rats scuttling around me.

Chung King Mansions was an interesting place, where every walk of life came and went 24/7 and my first job in Mad Dogs – a bar named after the famous Noel Coward song – did not fill me with enthusiasm. I hated the first three weeks but safe to say it knocked all the corners off me. 

Working in a bar was not my path and I could barely afford the £2.50 a night rent so when I was offered a job in a commodities futures trading company with Japanese style management, I took it! It was like working on Wall Street, high-pressured, but I thrived and even the Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Hong Kong Police Force became a client. Sadly I learned some investors were having complications exiting their funds. I immediately approached my clients to instruct them to withdraw their investments and i left the same day.

Back to the bar! But not for long this time. I then ran marketing for a local property contractor who wanted to expand into the international commercial real estate market and was subsequently headhunted by Savills. This was where, as Savills Marketing Director for 5 years, I discovered my passion for running events. At 27 I became engaged to my husband who I had met at the airport in Hong Kong 6 years before. At 29, heavily pregnant with the first of my 3 sons I resigned to set up my own events business. Savills were so supportive and they became my first client and outsourced their annual Rugby Charity event to me for more than a dozen years – along side loving playing rugby myself.

My client portfolio grew with a range of international brands including HSBC, JPMorgan, Philips and Morgan Stanley, running their events in Hong Kong. This growth lead to the opening of my second office in Singapore and a JV in Sydney.

I was lucky to have such a great business but the success came with some key learnings;

So what’s next? I moved back to the UK for my sons’ education and my husband’s work. I ran the business remotely for the next 3 years but the commute took its toll. Post covid, I wanted to get back into event management. The role with 2Heads was the first job that stood out for me – my first interview in the UK and hopefully the last I ever have to do! 

What would your advice be to a budding event manager? Always be authentic. Always listen. Always learn. Knowledge never ends, the Event Management business changes at lightning speed so it’s important to be able to adapt and pivot to new trends and behaviours.

About Pippa

Pippa is one of our senior Account Directors, an expert in planning and staging events across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US. In recent years, Pippa has been instrumental in improving sustainability of her client events. Partnering with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and the De Beers Group we have been responsible for winning multiple client awards for sustainable brand experience programmes and corporate social responsibility events.

2Heads counted down all the reasons 2023 has been our best year since the agency began back in 1983, and they are not always what you expect!

We Climbed Mountains

Twenty intrepid 2Headers took on the 24 hour three peaks challenge to raise over £15,000 for our 2023 charities; YoungMinds, Great Ormond Street and Freely Fruity.

We Turned 40

The agency celebrated it’s 40th birthday with a special party and retrospective on four decades of events and experiences.

We Launched Films

From London Screenings to the MIPCOM markets, we partnered with some of the best media brands in the world as they showcased their thrilling new content for 2024.

We Took to the Skies

Not literally, but figuratively as we partnered with aviation greats at this year’s airshows. From Paris Air Show to NBAA, and then over to Dubai Air Show , we used local suppliers to support our client’s vision for a more sustainable future.

We were Top 100 (again)

The whole team were thrilled to be recognised by EventMarketer’s Top 100 IT List of experiential agencies for the 2nd year running.

We Won Awards

The honors continued with acolades from EventMarketer & Campaign, including three silver Experience Design & Technology Awards for Best Consumer Environment, Best Sustainability Strategy and Best Tradeshow transformation for our clients Disney, De Beers and Sega respectively.

We counted Carbon

We rolled out use of the Trace and Event Decision carbon calculators across more events than ever, setting benchmarks for carbon tracking that support sustainability reports and strategies in line with our eco-conscious event agenda

We Got into Anime

We entered the exciting world of Anime, one of the world’s fastest growing content markets supported by some of the most enthusiastic fans. Partnering with new clients Sega and Hulu, we had a lot of fun bringing fan favourites to life.

We Made Some Cool S&*T

From launching Belden’s Customer Innovation Center’s around the world to creating parties for the Oscars, 2Heads had the best year creating amazing brand experiences and event activations. Our creative studio has generated some of the most fantastic work the agency has seen, every time evolving our live events, brand experience environments and innovation technologies.

We have the Best Clients #powerof2

Without doubt, the main reason 2023 has been not only successful but thoroughly enjoyable has been the wonderful clients we’ve partnered with. A massive thank you to our awesome clients all around the world for your energy, trust and enthusiasm. Here’s to a huge 2024!

November had a distinctly eco-conscious theme in 2023, with a series of thought-leading conferences around London and the rest of the world. With an eye on creating sustainability strategies for 2024, conversations at both the The Sustainable Events Show and Event Sustainability Live varied from how to improve carbon reporting to how sustainability creates growth opportunities.

Our Global CGO took to the stage at Event Sustainability Live to discuss the solutions that are changing the face of event sustainability. The insightful session covered everything from energy options at live events to how partnerships influence internal stakeholders into embracing change. The live session is available below:

On the other side of London, our Design Director Lisa Hill took part in the ‘Material Girl’ masterclass, a female-led discussion that closed The Sustainable Events show. Evolving what is already known on eco-conscious material choice, the team talked about where to go next as designers, from being creative with repurposing furniture to exploring the positives of biophilia and living walls in event spaces. Our top ten takeaways from the shows are:

If you would like to join a complimentary SOS Lab or find out more about our work producing sustainable events and exhibitions, drop us a line: 

2Heads return to Vegas with Airbus, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, CAE and Vista for the annual NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition.

The highlight of the US business jet world and the home for the National Business Aviation Association’s annual convention, NBAA gathers the best of the jet industry together under the Las Vegas sunshine.

The large-scale event took over the Las Vegas Convention Center and Henderson Executive Airport, and welcomed 25,000 professionals, each one a decision maker, buyer or a influential personnel from companies at the heart of business aviation.

Hosting these professionals during one of aviation’s busiest conventions is always a challenge. 2Heads partnered with Airbus, Bombardier, Rolls-Royce, CAE and Vista to create branded enviroments that stood out from the rest and adhered to five key event principles:

From chalets to statics, exhibitions to meeting spaces, 2Heads created environment that sustained each brand’s unique vision and demands from NBAA. Event technology focused on sound and touch to explain current and future capabilities while branded homes provided the luxury and comfort synonymous with business aviation.

If you would be interested in learning more about our award-winning experiences and events, please contact us here.

The 2Heads UK team are all smiles, and maybe a few achy knees, after completing the Three Peaks Challenge, scaling the heights of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike, and Snowdon.

With months of planning and training, we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. The support and the outstanding donations have been overwhelming. We’re delighted to have raised over £10,000 for our three charities Freely Fruity, Young Minds and Great Ormond Street.

So what were the challenges?

Despite all the training, nothing can prepare you for the real thing. The biggest challenges were not only three highest mountains in the UK but the limited hours of sleep, endless service station sandwiches and the aches and pains made worse by a total of 16 hours of driving from Scotland to England to Wales and then back to the office!

Starting at 06:00 in Fort William, Scotland, the adventure began. Our 19 walkers were quickly strung out in smaller groups up and down the 1345m peak, ending with a range of finish times from 3 hours 40 minutes to 10 hours. The team quickly realised this adventure wasn’t going to be straight forward.

The second climb, Scafell Pike, was a different challenge with an immediate uphill struggle and river crossing to negotiate. At this stage the fellowship had split into two groups with the first 12 walkers completing the climb despite low visibility and gale force winds (well it was July!) just as night fell. Our second brave group, a few hours behind on the journey down from Scotland, began their climb in pitch blackness and declining weather conditions, completed the climb in just under 5 hours and got on the road to join the first group over in Wales.

As the challenge came to a close on Mt Snowdon, the team were at varying levels of breaking point but one by one made their way to the top of Wales to reach the third and final summit of the Three Peaks once again in a grey windy whirlwind. A truly epic adventure and one the team won’t forget in a hurry, even if they wanted to.

What kept the team going?

Our Project Coordinator Lauren felt that teamwork was the key. “Motivation from the team was a big factor in getting us all across the line. Everyone had their own individual areas where they excelled and equally their challenges. Quickly learning what peoples strengths and weaknesses were and being able to adapt to help specific people when they needed it was the best way to all stay motivated.” Teamwork makes the dreamwork, as they say.

Overall, the team found the experience to be hugely rewarding and are so thankful for all the support that’s been given. Our 2D Designer Michael is already super keen to get back on those mountains “I would absolutely do it again! Despite the challenges I really enjoyed the whole experience and kind of missed it as soon as I got home.” Others may feel differently, but we love the spirit, Michael!

A MASSIVE well done to our 2Heads UK team for completing their Three Peaks Challenge and raising a huge amount for our charities. What will the next adventure be? Stay tuned.

We’re delighted to welcome 13 awesome new starters to the 2Heads family

In our 40th year of trading and our most successful year on record across each of our global offices, we’re delighted to be welcoming 13 new recruits across a multitude of agency functions and locations.

Here’s the first of the batch – welcome aboard guys – we can’t wait to see the impact you’ll make for our clients!

Adam Goldie – Business Development Manager, Global

With a background in organizing B2B events, Adam is no stranger to working with award shows, exhibitions, and exhibitions. Some of these experiences include organising high profile events with the likes of Clarion, Centaur Media and DMG. Adam will take charge of conducting new business and add to our already incredible client list. Next time you’re at a show, keep an eye out for Adam. He’s a friendly face you won’t want to miss! 

2Heads new joiner Adam Goldie our business development manager

Moyah Merola – Office Manager, London

Undoubtedly, it is safe to say that Moyah understands the importance of making sure everything runs smoothly. With her extensive experience in owning and operating two successful restaurants and her own small events business, Moyah brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our team. We’re so happy to have Moyah onboard and hopefully we can get the coffee machine fixed!  

2Heads new office manager Moyah Merola

Rav Saundh – Marketing Executive, Global

Rav has a comprehensive skill set in Media Production, Social Media and Digital Marketing making Rav a perfect fit for 2Heads. In her new role, Rav will be the face of 2Heads across all social platforms, representing our brand with her unique creative style. We can’t wait to see her magic unfold! Who knows, with Rav onboard, we might just become the next big sensation on TikTok!

2Heads welcomes Rav Saundh who is our marketing executive

Tasnima Shah – Project Manager, London

Tasnima graduated from the University of Greenwich with a degree in Events Management and then went on to start her career as a freelance Event Coordinator. Excitingly, Tasnima has already dipped her toe in her first 2Heads event at Royal Ascot 2023!

2Heads new joiner Tasnima Shah the project manager

Libby Penny – Junior Project Manager, London

Recently graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a degree in Events Management, Libby kickstarted her career in the hustle and bustle of London at an events agency. This helped Libby pick up her core experience in the industry. Libby is looking forward to getting involved within a collaborative, team-focused culture with the opportunity to learn and grow her skills working on some inspiring brand experiences.

2Heads latest recruit Libby Penny junior project manager

Danielle Ferreira – Project Accountant, London

We are happy to have Danielle as our newest addition to the finance team in London. Previously, Danielle worked as a finance business partner but don’t let the serious job title fool you. Danielle adds a vibrant and bubbly personality to the office, making every day a little brighter. With her extensive financial experience and infectious positivity, Danielle is already proving an incredible asset to our team.

2Heads new joiner Danielle Ferreira the project accountant

Michael Thompson – Creative Lead, London

Michael has extensive experience in the events industry in career spanning over 20 years. Starting life as an art worker led Michael on to bigger and greater things including winning awards for GSMA-CONNECTED CITY at Mobile World Congress. Nothing excites Michael more about being at 2Heads than working closely within in a creative team producing magic together in the world of brand experiences. Welcome to the team Michael!

2Heads welcomes new joiner Michael Thompson the creative lead

If you want to be part a dynamic work environment that nurtures creativity and fosters personal and professional growth, then apply today on our Join Us page:

Belden and 2Heads celebrate the launch of historic fourth Belden Customer Innovation Center with grand opening event.

2Heads are inordinately proud of our four year journey with Belden, the leading global supplier of network infrastructure and digitization solutions. The flagship of our partnership has been the Customer Innovation Centers, also known as CICs, Belden’s newest methods of delivering value to customers through experience.

Utilising the very best of our experience designers, 2Heads designed and created a series of international spaces where solutions can be crafted and validated onsite. Debuting in Stuttgart, the CIC has subsequently opened in Santa Clara and Shanghai before returning home to Chicago, Illinois. The new Chicago center provides an ecosystem for Belden customers to co-innovate with sales and product engineers to develop, test, document, and validate proven solutions that drive efficiency, security and innovation.

To commemorate the opening, an exclusive event celebrating the newly commissioned Customer Innovation Center was held on May 4th and marked a return of the company to its roots. The location in America’s heartland holds special historical significance for the company as it was founded by Joseph C. Belden in Chicago in 1902. The original Belden home office was located on the top floor of a five-story building at 116-118 Michigan Street in Chicago’s Loop district and the event brought together customers, partners and Belden leaders to showcase Belden’s capabilities.

“We are thrilled to open the doors of our flagship Customer Innovation Center and return to the great city of Chicago,” said Andries Boone, Managing Director, Solutions Delivery at Belden. “This milestone is so much more than a facility opening, it represents the future of Belden and our commitment to collaborating, driving innovation and building solutions with our customers. We are looking forward to welcoming guests for many years to come.”

Belden and 2Heads have used a vendor-agnostic approach to provide best-in-class experiences that transform ideas into solutions, empowering companies to feel secure and maintain focus on their business objectives. The Belden CIC model was developed in partnership to address key business goals and outcomes that encompass various areas of customers’ operations.

Later this year, following the opening of the Chicago location, Belden plans to launch a Customer Innovation Center in Bangalore, India. If you would like to know more about how we partner with brands to create immersive hubs for product experience, please contact us.